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Vaccinated Ted Cruz owns virtue-signaling reporter who asks him to mask up

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Sen. Ted Cruz dismissed a reporter’s request that he mask up ahead of a press conference, pointing out that he and fellow Republicans gathered with him have been “immunized” against COVID-19.

“Would you mind putting on a mask for us?” a reporter asked, according to a video clip posted online.

“Yeah, when I’m talking to the TV camera, I’m not going to wear a mask. All of us have been immunized,” the Texas Republican responded.

“It’d make us feel better,” replied the reporter.

“You’re welcome to step away if you’d like,” said Cruz, who then added: “The whole point of a vaccine…CDC guidance is what we’re following.”

In posting the exchange, Cruz added: “Lefty reporters have lost their minds. #commonsense.”

“Legend,” one Twitter user wrote in response.

“Good for him,” wrote another.

“He owned him,” still another noted.

Regarding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, the health agency notes: 

Fully vaccinated people can:

— Visit with other fully vaccinated people indoors without wearing masks or physical distancing

— Visit with unvaccinated people from a single household who are at low risk for severe COVID-19 disease indoors without wearing masks or physical distancing

— Refrain from quarantine and testing following a known exposure if asymptomatic

Still, the agency’s guidelines also state that people who have been vaccinated should nevertheless “take precautions” while in public such as “wearing a well-fitted mask and physical distancing,” but mostly around those who are at the greatest risk of contracting the disease.

That said, Cruz’s point about the purpose of a vaccine — to immunize people and thus make them neither susceptible to the virus nor carriers of it — was also made earlier this month by his GOP colleague, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, during a back-and-forth with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Biden administration’s chief medical adviser and the country’s lead immunologist.

During a hearing to discuss the nation’s ongoing coronavirus response, Paul wanted to know why Fauci was continuing to recommend that even those who have been vaccinated continue to wear masks around unvaccinated people.

Paul emphasized that “there have been no scientific studies arguing or proving that infection with COVID does not create immunity,” while adding thus far, “only a handful of reinfections” have been seen.

“Given that no scientific studies have shown significant numbers of reinfections of patients previously infected or previously vaccinated, what specific studies do you cite to argue that the public should be wearing masks well into 2022?” Paul asked.

In response, Fauci appeared to question the association Paul was making regarding masks and reinfections.

“You’re telling everybody to wear a mask, whether they’ve had an infection or a vaccine,” Paul replied. “What I’m saying is they have immunity, and everybody agrees they have immunity. What studies do you have that people who have had the vaccine or have had the infection are spreading the infection? If we aren’t spreading the infection, isn’t it just theater?”

Fauci pushed back, but Paul countered, “You’ve had a vaccine and you’re wearing two masks, isn’t that theater?”

“No — here we go again with the theater,” Fauci replied.

Later, in an interview with Fox News, Paul said Fauci is aware that Americans who get a COVID-19 vaccine become immunized and therefore no longer need to mask up, but that he continues to tell a “noble lie” to scare Americans into compliance.

“He is lying because he doesn’t think we are smart enough to make decisions,” Paul said. “His fear is if the vaccinating – if we quit wearing masks – the vaccinated will say: What the hell, I’m not wearing a mask either.”

Jon Dougherty


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