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Tommy’s Garage – You could watch SNL … But why would you do that to yourself

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“Tommy’s Garage,” the hit comedy program that makes liberals rush to their “safe space” so they can cling to a Creepy Joe Biden™ doll for emotional support, is back, baby, and with special appearances from everybody’s favorite twin sisters, Big Boobs.

Host Tom Adkins, back from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s fantasy world (long story), starts the show off by saluting President Joe Biden for holding a mourning ceremony at the White House in honor of 500,000 dead Americans.

Joe Biden had a very solemn news conference from the White House steps. They lit 500 candles representing the 500,000 dead people who voted in Pennsylvania,” Adkins said.

He added, “It’s true. Meanwhile, the rest of America sadly celebrates the 500 deaths from the Wuhan virus, and they probably voted too!

Considering how easy Democrats made it for anyone to vote, aliens may have voted too. Not just the illegal ones but the ones from outer space, too.

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Posted by Breaking Burgh on Monday, October 5, 2020

Watch the latest episode of “Tommy’s Garage” below:

“And here’s the guy who started it all! He’s in a little bit of trouble,” Adkins continued as a photo of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo popped up on the screen.

“It turns out that not only did Andrew Cuomo send infected patients into nursing homes and hospitals to their deaths, even though President Trump had all sorts of facilities available, then when the feds requested the facts, he covered them up, and now even AOC is calling for his impeachment and his ouster. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!” he explained.

Well to be fair, when it comes to “nice guys” who deserve the absolute best in life, there’s also Cuomo’s brother, Fredo:

He’s such a nice guy!

Then the conversation took a strange turn in what is likely to be an extremely uncomfortable direction for normal, well-adjusted people.

A vision from hell? Porn for women with extremely low standards? An anatomical deformity borne from a really bad diet?

The crazy thing about all this, down-home country comedian Sam Griesbaum added, is that Cuomo got an Emmy Award, despite the nursing home debacle.

Who knew that murder and corruption was an Emmy category,” Griesbaum said.

He added, “You gotta give the guy credit though, because not only did he manage to write a book and kill a whole bunch of elderly people, while we was doing it he managed to sexually harass two women on his staff. He’s not letting any daylight burn there, boy.”

And that takes the type of talent that only a liberal Democrat has.

Liking the show so far? Then give the full episode a play. You won’t regret it!

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