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Gab or Parler? CEO says platform is gaining 10,000 users per hour. Here is an update.

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The non-establishment social media platform is Gab on fire, metaphorically speaking, with tens of thousands of new users signing up by the hour — and with Parler slated to go offline come midnight Monday morning, this fire is apt to turn into a full-scale inferno.

In a tweet posted Saturday morning, the platform revealed that it was up to 10,000 new signups per hour and counting.

In another tweet posted that evening, Gab revealed it was up to 500,000 new users for that day alone, in addition to 18 million visits.

View the platform’s announcements below:

What makes Gab particularly powerful amid the institutional left’s ongoing authoritarian purge of dissenting voices is that it’s already been through all this.

After the site emerged in 2016 amid a similar crackdown at the time on free speech, the institutional left pounced just as they’re now doing to Parler.

“Gab, the conservative social network that has acted as a haven for people banned from the usual platforms, has been removed from the Google Play Store for violating the company’s hate speech policy, the company announced on Twitter. Apple rejected it from the App Store in June for similar reasons,” TechCrunch reported in August 2017.

Two years later, this happened: “Amazon cut business ties with Gab.com, a social network popular with the far right, following increased scrutiny on the relationships between radicalized internet communities and major internet companies after two mass shootings over the weekend,” as reported by BuzzFeed.

How did Gab respond? By completely detaching itself from mainstream services and institutions and building out its own EVERYTHING:

This means that Gab is effectively untouchable, with its only weakness being the logistical limitations of its own infrastructure. Though to be clear, this is a significant weakness, as has been demonstrated in the past couple of days.

Anyone who’s tried to access Gab.com has no doubt experienced heavy lag and delays because the servers have been unable to handle the gigantic influx in traffic.

In response, Gab CEO Andrew Torba began purchasing and powering up more servers:

And initially, it worked, and the site started functioning properly as the server capacity began to reach the level needed to handle the influx of traffic.

But then the site crashed again Sunday thanks to yet another influx.

“We keep adding more servers and at like 5am we get the site stable, then millions of new people come through the door in the morning and we start all over again. 🤣 Scaling up as fast as we can! Patience,” Gab announced Sunday afternoon.


This of course is the price one must pay for being the best.

As of Sunday, Parler, another high-profile non-establishment social media app — albeit one that came into existence more recently than Gab and thus hasn’t been through the growing pains yet — was functioning much better than Gab.

However, Parler’s functionality was a result of its reliance on Amazon’s servers — and the problem with that is that Amazon announced late Saturday that it’d be terminating its contract with the social media network.

This means that Parler will soon disappear from the Internet until at which time its either able to either find another company willing to host its services or able to build out its own infrastructure like Gab.

In the meantime, the millions of conservatives who’ve flocked to Parler — including but not limited to Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell and Dan Bongino — may have no other option but to establish a profile on Gab.

And so with that in mind, expect some more lag and delays as Gab continues to strive to build out its servers to match the seemingly endless traffic that it’s being blessed with.

Vivek Saxena


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