Ted Cruz challenges Jake Tapper about ‘miraculous’ Covid cure

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, got the CNN branch of the Democratic Party a little peeved when he noted a “miraculous” change in the network’s coverage now that they and a few of their media allies have called the 2020 election in favor of their candidate.

Of course, CNN is not really a branch of the party, at least the network hasn’t made a public announcement of such an allegiance, but anyone watching would be excused if they came away with that belief.


Cruz took to Twitter to respond to a tweet from RNC Rapid Response Director Steve Guest, noting that CNN has dropped the screaming COVID tracker detailing both the number of cases and deaths in the United States, along with the “doom and gloom purple background.”

“Miraculous. COVID cured, the very instant the networks called the race for Biden,” Cruz tweeted.

The tweet from Cruz prompted a reply from CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who is fresh off helping carry Joe Biden across the finish line.

“We continue to cover this horrible crisis that our public officials are not doing enough to stop,” the smug anchor tweeted, before detailing examples of post-election coverage on his show.

The tweet does not address the death tracker being dropped from viewers’ screens.

Not one to surrender the last word, Cruz came back with a question about why the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer didn’t announce it has a vaccine until after the election.

Tapper fired back to say the tweet Cruz “responded to (but obviously didn’t watch)” featured CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta asking the CEO of Pfizer that question.

And while Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said the company announced the vaccine “the moment we learned about it,” Cruz was responding to photos, not a video.

Darcy Oliver, the network’s “senior media reporter,” jumped into the fray to attack the Republican Party, while claiming the death tracker is still being used when discussing the pandemic.

Right on cue, Darcy followed Tapper’s assertions with details of pandemic coverage, though he was looking to score points against the president — old habits are hard to break.

One reason CNN is staying as focused on the pandemic could be explained in a tweet from a social media user.

Much like the Democratic Party and their media allies weaponized COVID-19 as an election tactic to attack President Trump, so too are they using the Chinese plague to distract from an election marred by allegations of voter fraud.

Tom Tillison


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