Dem James Carville backs election recount: ‘I urge them to recount everywhere’

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Democratic strategist James Carville is all for a vote recount in the wake of President Donald Trump’s challenge of the 2020 presidential election.

Democrats continue to show their hypocrisy in demanding Trump and his supporters accept the election results after the media’s announcement of Joe Biden as the winner. But Carville openly supported calls by the president and his campaign to recount votes in certain states, claiming that it would be an opportunity for Biden to “beat him again.”

MSNBC’s Brian Williams drove home the Democrats’ rhetoric on “The 11th Hour” Tuesday, as he asked Carville how long he would be “cool” with those saying that there will eventually be a “proper transition and a proper inauguration.”

“I urge them to recount everywhere,” the former Bill Clinton campaign manager responded.

(Source: MSNBC)

“Beat him twice. I’m not satisfied with beating him once. Recount until you drop. I don’t care,” Carville added.

“And it’s going to be December 14 — I’m not sure, but the Constitution of the statutory that lays out when this is going to happen. And they’re out there scamming. They’re raising money, and they’re not even putting in the recount, and now they want Don, Jr. to run the RNC to scam more money,” he continued, referring to the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

“That’s all they’re trying to do here. This is just a fund-raising grift, and it doesn’t matter,” Carville claimed.

CNN cited three unnamed “GOP sources” in a report Tuesday claiming Trump’s eldest son and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, “have an eye on” the Republican National Committee and could be planning to “take over.”

Trump Jr. emphatically denied the claims, tweeting that he has “Zero interest.”

But Carville wasn’t done with his take on vote recounts.

“Really, I was upset about it this afternoon, and I watched the president-elect, and he really was a great leader. He calmed me down, and I feel very good. I think he’s exhibited real qualities of leadership,” he said of Biden.

“And like I say, please recount everything, you know? It’s always good to go out, you beat somebody, you beat him again. That’s what … the [New Orleans] Saints did to Tampa Bay. We beat them, and then we came back Sunday night, and we beat them again,” he told Williams.

“Same thing is going to happen when they recount these votes,” Carville said. “They’re going to lose twice.”

In comments later about why the Democrats’ projected “blue wave” never materialized, Carville seemed to blame the party’s left-wing for congressional losses.

“Some of these woke people need to take a nap,” he told Williams, responding with a “hell, yeah” when asked if Democrats still seek the support of working-class Americans.

“We’ve got some good candidates out there,” he said.

“We lost some close races and we’ve got to get back up and win those two races in Georgia,” he added, arguing that Democrats may have been more successful if they spoke to “all of America not just one sliver of America.”

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