Media will pay for Trump-hating deal with devil: It ‘cried wolf’ so much people stopped listening to it

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Though the winner of the 2020 presidential election still remains unclear due to ongoing litigation by President Donald Trump, the losers are definitely the mainstream media, according to comedian Adam Carolla.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning, the proud, principled conservative and free speech advocate lambasted the media for having spent four years claiming that President Donald Trump is an unrepentant racist.

“What’s happened is CNN and the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times, they’ve lost their fastball. They’ve been pitching this crap for five years now, and at a certain point you can only cry wolf so many times,” he said.

“Honestly, how many times can you call someone racist, how many times can you call a party racist, how many times can you call people racist before people stop listening and actually push back the other direction?”

Listen to his full remarks below:

His caustic remarks for a media industrial complex that some have dubbed “Democrat state media” were in response to the president performing much better with minorities in this year’s election than any Republican candidate has in 60 years, despite the media’s predictions.

A notable number of Muslims voted for the president, as did Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, gays, etc.


“The only group that Trump lost percentages in is white males who probably were listening and believing all this racism talk. But they overplayed their racism hand. They never stopped talking about racism,” Carolla continued.

“It’s the least racist country in the world. It’s 2021 in two months. Do you think we’re living in a racist nation? What they’re saying is divisive and insane and insulting. Like we should be insulted that these idiots are calling our nation racist.”

The sort of “white males” Carolla referenced who believe the left-wing media’s proven lies and distortions are what are known as “pajama boys,” and as the data shows, they tend to be urban hipsters who think they know everything because of their degrees.

“[H]e lost his re-election bid because urban, college-educated voters swung toward Joe Biden in overwhelming numbers,” Bloomberg reported Friday.

To be clear, the president hasn’t officially lost the election yet …

Despite election data clearly showing that more minorities swung toward Trump and more whites swung away from him this election cycle, it seems a startling number of left-wing media outlets have managed to glean all the wrong lessons.

“We need to talk about the white people who voted for Donald Trump,” a condescending, divisive headline from Vox reads.

“This Election Is So Close for One Simple Reason: White People Still Love Trump,” another headline, this one from the far-left blog Mother Jones, reads.

Meanwhile, some in the media have begun attacking the minorities who voted for Trump by either labeling them “white” or treating them like pariahs, while others have resorted to rushing right back to their original #OrangeManRacist narrative.

For instance, USA Today cited lamentations from Crystal Weber, a left-wing University of Texas at San Antonio professor.

“It feels as though we’re in the throes of experiencing backlash to racial progress,’’ Webster said. I think some of this is backlash against President Obama’s election and the changing demographics of this country, and even the mobilization of progressive movements we experienced this summer with Black Lives Matter,” Webster said.

“I think Trump’s base has really mobilized around that and has taken up his call and embraced the white supremacy that he has unabashedly espoused.’”

Not once did USA Today push back on her incendiary, false rhetoric by pointing out Trump’s support among minority communities or noting the policies he’s enacted that have helped minority communities prosper these past four years.

The good news for conservatives — including those conservatives who aren’t white — is that the more the media double, triple and quadruple down on their dishonest race rhetoric, the more likely they’ll continue to lose for elections to come.

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