What’s happening with Kamala Harris’ Senate seat?

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Assuming Democrat vice-presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris goes on to assume the role of vice president, there’s good news and bad news to report about her Senate seat.

The bad news is that the job of filling it will fall to California Gov. Gavin Newsom, meaning the seat will no doubt remain in Democrat control.

“California is one of 37 states that allows a senator to be appointed to a vacant seat by the governor until the next statewide general election, according to a report on Senate vacancies from the National Conference of State Legislatures,” Fox News notes.

“Five of those states — not including California — mandate that the governor appoint a person of the same party.”

Given that Newsom is a far-left Democrat, there’s virtually no chance that he wouldn’t appoint a Democrat to fill her seat.

If anything, he’s apt to appeal to the left’s desire for so-called “diversity” by choosing a minority of some type.

In tweets posted Friday, California State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, the writer of the job-destroying AB5 bill, demanded Newsom choose a Latino:

“There have been dozens of names floated as potential picks, including California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and state Attorney General Xavier Becerra. Both are sons of Mexican immigrants who would be the first Latino senators in California history,” station KNXV reported Saturday.

Speaking with the station, however, political analyst Laura Fink warned that gender must also be factored into the equation.

“Kamala Harris is leaving one of only 26 women in the Senate. That’s one out of four. Last time I checked, [women] are north of 50 percent of the population. So that is something that will need to come into consideration,” she said.

But don’t forget about gay community, either.

“Groups like Equality California have sent the governor a list of their preferred LGBTQ candidates, which would be a first for California,” KNXV reported.

With so many special interest groups demanding the governor cater to them, it seems he may have a tough choice ahead of him, though as far as Twitter is concerned, his pick MUST be a “woman of color”:

The good news is that the seat expires in 2022, meaning a potential red wave equivalent to the red wave that demolished then-President Barack Hussein Obama during his first midterm elections in 2010 could conceivably bring the seat over to GOP control.

A red wave is possible if current Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden winds up following Obama’s lead and pursuing a radically far-left agenda.

Preliminary 2020 election results show that President Donald Trump performed poorly, whereas his Republican peers down-ballot performed well. Assuming this data is right — it’s currently being litigated in court — it means the country has moved more to the right but voted against Trump anyway specifically because of their personal dislike of him.

All this bodes well for the 2022 midterms, as does the Democrat Party’s abject refusal to boldly rid itself of its radicalism and elitism:

As it stands, the Democrat Party is currently in turmoil because of an ongoing war between “centrists” and “moderates” who seek to steer the party back toward the center, and radical socialists like AOC who’re hellbent on pushing extremist policies.

If the party fails to correct itself — and if Biden follows the party down the cliff of left-wing radicalism — there’s a chance, however meager, Harris’s seat could just go red sooner rather than later.

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