Biden’s lead in Arizona narrows to 29,861, but concerns remain for Trump team

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As of Saturday morning, Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s lead in the key battleground state of Arizona had dropped to just 29,861, though concerns still remained over whether the pace was enough to sustain a victory for the president.

“In Arizona, Maricopa County just released another round of ballot results, and while Trump closed the gap slightly, it doesn’t put him on pace to capture the state,” Jennifer Medina of The New York Times reported late Friday.

There were still an estimated 173,000 votes to count, including 92,000 from Maricopa County and 47,000 provisional ballots, according to Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. The provisional ballots weren’t slated to be “resolved” until Wednesday.

“In Arizona, counties have five business days after the election to resolve provisional ballots. Any of those ballots that are provisional they won’t be able to count until Wednesday. I don’t know how many of the Maricopa ballots are provisional ballots. It’s a small number, I’m sure,” Hobbs reportedly said on CNN early Friday evening.

According to the New York Post, so-called provisional ballots “are cast in person at voting booths, but aren’t included in initial counts for a variety of issues, including a person not presenting a valid ID or voting at the wrong location.”

As a result, the ballots are set aside until the issue is resolved.

The bad news for the president and his supporters is that provisional ballots “tend to skew Democrat,” according to Hobbs. But it’s not clear why Democrats in particular apparently have such difficulty figuring out how to vote properly …

What’s known is that the delays in vote counting were beginning to spark peaceful protests by Trump supporters who wanted the authorities to just “count the vote” already.

“For the third straight day, supporters of President Donald Trump are gathered in Phoenix outside of the Maricopa County tabulation center. The people protesting are demanding that all ballots be counted in Arizona,” Phoenix station KPNX reported Friday morning.

See scenes from the ongoing genuinely peaceful protests below:

Despite the protests being perfectly peaceful, some in the left-wing media have tried to portray them as sinister events chockablock with danger.

Case in point:

Note that MSNBC is the same network where a so-called “journalist” reporting live from Minneapolis in late May claimed the George Floyd riots were perfectly peaceful.

The “reporter” made the remarks as a building behind him burned …


As of Saturday morning, Biden was leading in the battleground states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada, though concerns over the legitimacy of the voting tallies were beginning to spread as more reports of potential malfeasance emerged.

In Michigan, it’d been reported that a technical glitch by a voting software had caused Biden to receive 6,000 votes that were actually for Trump. This same software was reportedly also responsible for delaying voting in two Georgia counties by a couple of hours Tuesday morning.

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