BLM harasses diners, screams expletives as they eat: ‘I am here to ruin dinners, ruin happy hours’

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A Black Lives Matter extremist in Seattle suggested this week that the purpose of the movement to which she subscribes is to “ruin dinners” and “ruin happy hours” — nothing more, nothing less.

The extremist had been leading a contingent of fellow extremists down the street in Seattle sometime Friday evening when she turned around and bellowed out orders.

“I need ya’ll to be as loud as possible. This is a protest,” she said.

“We are here to cause disruption, which means I’m here to ruin dinners, ruin happy hours, everything about black liberation and indigenous liberation, because that means the most to this group.”

Watch (*Language warning):

It sounded like she was basically saying “everything about black liberation and indigenous liberation” centers on ruining the happiness and joy experienced by, you know, non-radicalized, non-disturbed Americans.

After her lecture, she and her gang proceeded to harass diners by shouting at them and labeling them “deplorables.”

“You guys can sit there and not even get up from your f–king tables with your overpriced f–king food,” she could be heard yelling at some diners.

You guys are f–king deplorables. Every single one of you. And I feel sorry for your mothers. Whoever raised you, they need to do better.

Listen (*Language warning):

Take note of how her fellow extremists broke into applause afterward …

There seemed to be no purpose to her words besides ruining dinner, because those words certainly weren’t about to convince the diners to join her side.

Plus, so-called “black liberation” and “indigenous liberation” already exist, as evidenced by the litany of blacks and Native Americans who’ve achieved great success in the United States despite their races.

Black rapper Lil Wayne, who’s currently working with President Donald Trump toward developing a plan for black Americans, may have said it best — albeit very crudely — when he was asked about the Black Lives Matter movement in 2016.

“I am a young, black, rich motherf–er. If that don’t let you know that America understand black [men] matter these days, I don’t what it is,” he replied.

He then highlighted the fact that he, a black man, was being interviewed as another man — a white one — recorded him.

“That man white. He filming me. I’m [black]. I don’t know what you mean, ma’am. Don’t come at me with that dumb s–t, ma’am,” he said.


Yet despite equality existing aplenty in America, extremists affiliated with the BLM movement continue to harass their fellow Americans — some of them white, others black — with their demands for so-called “liberation.”

Except that in many instances, the actions of the extremists extend way beyond just haranguing diners. Watch below as BLM extremists harass and threaten a disabled man as he tries to drive through “their streets”:

This happened just a couple of days ago in Louisville, Kentucky

So did this:

This isn’t normal, civilized behavior, though it’s tolerated nevertheless because of a stubborn refusal by Democrat politicians and their left-wing media allies to treat these hooligans with more than just kid gloves.

Case in point: When BLM-linked riots erupted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania last week, local police officers were told to “stand down” rather than stop the madness.

The ongoing nationwide BLM riots originally erupted back in May after the controversial death of criminal suspect George Floyd while he was in the custody of a Minneapolis, Minnesota police officer.

Following Floyd’s death, support for BLM skyrocketed. Because of the riots and disrespect, net support has since dropped to 10 percent, according to a new national poll from Civiqs. But with BLM extremists continuing to riot and harass working-class Americans, support is likely destined to plummet even further.

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