Stelter dragged for asking why Trump isn’t holding COVID task force briefings after CNN refused to air them

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The widely criticized “journalists” at CNN have taken to bashing President Donald Trump for not holding new coronavirus briefings, despite the network having been among those that had complained incessantly about the president’s briefings last spring.

Leading this latest round of complaints is CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter, whose “reporting” oddly rarely has anything to do with the media unless it’s about Fox News or President Donald Trump’s mean words, the latter of which he routinely claims threaten press freedom.

(Yet Stelter didn’t tweet a single word about Twitter’s attack on the New York Post, unsurprisingly enough …)

In a tweet posted Friday morning, Stelter wondered why the president wasn’t “leading daily coronavirus task force briefings from the White House.”


The tweet quickly generated a ratio because of CNN’s history of trashing and sometimes outright refusing to air the president’s briefings.


Multiple times last spring, CNN purposefully chose to either only cover part of the president’s briefings or skip them altogether.

One of the first times happened on Monday, March 23, when both CNN and MSNBC reportedly “cut away” from the briefing.

“Pretty disgraceful,” White House spokesperson Judd Deere said at the time of CNN’s decision. In response, CNN got catty.


A week later, CNN did it again.

“CNN raised eyebrows Tuesday after it chose not to air President Trump’s initial prepared remarks at the daily White House coronavirus briefing,” Fox News reported on March 31st.

“The network, at first, continued with its scheduled programming and started airing the briefing only when the president was wrapping up his comments and handed the podium to coronavirus task force member Dr. Deborah Birx. The network carried most of the rest of the briefing, including Trump taking questions later.”

About a week after this, Stelter began urging other demonstrably left-wing media outlets to start delaying their broadcasts of the president’s briefings.

“Brian Stelter, CNN’s chief media correspondent, says that news networks — including his own — should run President Trump’s daily coronavirus briefings on a slight delay so they can jump in and correct any misinformation,” Yahoo News reported at the time.

In fairness to Stelter, he did reportedly say “he believes that viewers should still see the briefings even when Trump is spreading inaccurate information.”

However, the overall consensus at CNN was that the briefings shouldn’t be aired.

“CNN, MSNBC Bosses Ignore Staff Pleas to Cut Trump Coronavirus Pressers,” a headline from a report published by The Daily Beast in late March reads.

The media’s biggest complaint was and remains the allegation that the president spreads so-called “misinformation.” The problem is that the media’s definition of “misinformation” cannot be trusted.

The media think arguments against lockdown policies are “misinformation,” despite these policies being endorsed by thousands of doctors and scientists.

And in an unrelated but still pertinent story, the media adamantly claim that any allegations about Hunter Biden’s questionable activities are also “misinformation,” even though the claims are backed by copious amounts of evidence.

Conversely, while media “reporters” like Stelter are always eager to highlight the alleged “misinformation” being peddled by Republicans, they never seem to have anything to say about the misinformation being peddled by themselves.

Case in point:

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