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When BLM protests are accepted, but cops can harass Jews in a private home, something is wrong

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio face renewed accusations of antisemitism over reports & videos that New York Police Department officers have been “raiding” the homes of Jews because of coronavirus violations.

One particularly jarring video recorded inside a Jewish home in NYC last week showed a masked police officer standing at the front door and complaining to the owner about him having 10+  unmasked people within the home.

While it’s true the city is under strict social distancing and masking rules, these rules apply to public spaces, not people’s private homes. Plus, to hear the homeowner tell it, the officer hadn’t been invited inside — he’d just stepped indoors all willy nilly.

Watch the video below:

“We had a complaint about vehicle parking in the front. Then I look up and you have over 10 people in a crowd. Now it’s an issue,” the officer says in the clip above.

“This is not a party. There’s no music. This is simply a few friends together. What is the issue that you need to come to my house and tell me that it’s OK for a police officer to walk into my house and say it’s OK. You are the police officer, you know the rules. You can’t walk into my house and tell me it’s OK,” the homeowner says.

He adds that if the officer had simply been patient, he would have walked outside and spoken with him.

“We’re past that point,” the officer upfront replies.

“You had a guest slam the door,” another officer says.

“Yeah, he tried to slam it on me. I’m trying to talk to you as a person,” the first offer adds.

The video then cuts out. It’s not clear what happened afterward. What’s known is that this incident marks one of the numerous examples of NYC authorities cracking down on the Jewish community vis-a-vis the coronavirus.

Conversely, under the guidance of Cuomo and de Blasio, Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists have been allowed to “protest” freely without any social distancing.

The double standard has raised concerns that the crackdown on Jews is tied to antisemitism — or, at the very least, the suppression of faith:

Both Cuomo and de Blasio have repeatedly behaved in ways that one could argue have antisemitic undertones.

During a press briefing earlier this month, for instance, Cuomo threatened “to close the synagogues” unless the Jews in New York started abiding by his draconian coronavirus rules.

As proof of why such a move was necessary, he then pointed to a picture of a group of Jewish mourners who weren’t social distancing.

There was just one problem. The photos were 14 years old:

Speaking of funerals, during the summer Mayor de Blasio sent police to break up Jewish funerals. Yet he said and did nothing when thousands of BLM activists showed up for a memorial for deceased black suspect George Floyd.

Worse, he showed up for the memorial himself — and he did so without wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.


The double standards are glaring, though whether or not they prove that Cuomo and de Blasio are vicious antisemites is still up for interpretation.

Vivek Saxena


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