Jake Tapper suggests Kamala’s ‘trainwreck’ debate performance was because she’s a woman

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CNN’s Jake Tapper was scolded by numerous women for playing the Woman Card to excuse what he apparently considered Kamala Harris’ subpar debate performance.

Tapper remarked: “I wonder if a woman candidate feels like she can’t push as much or steamroll as much as say, Mike Pence can, for fear of seeming and offending some segment of the electorate. I’m not saying it should be that way, but I’m wondering if it is that way.”

Tapper’s CNN colleague Dana Bash disagreed. Bash said Harris missed several opportunities to push back on Vice President Mike Pence during their debate.

“I’m not sure if that’s true,” Bash told Tapper. “She was tough and she certainly had her moments. But there were times when maybe there could have been more follow-up.”

OANN’s Jack Posobiec said as usual, CNN and the Left are covering for Harris’ poor performance by suggesting it was related to her gender.

“Jake Tapper is trying to explain away Kamala’s trainwreck performance by saying she is a woman.”

The Washington Post’s Megan McArdle — a vocal anti-Trumper — slammed Jake Tapper, saying it’s patronizing when condescending men like him excuse a poor performance by playing the Gender Card.

McArdle simply remarked: “Kamala Harris is not a great debater.”

“I wish people would stop explaining every meh debate performance by a woman as a function of gender. Yes, there are challenges, but Elizabeth Warren is a good debater! Not all women are great debaters being held back by their sex–some of us, like some men, are just bad debaters.”

McArdle continued: “Mike Pence is actually a good debater–full of nonsense, but a good debater. And you didn’t see him over there rolling his eyes and doing exaggerated high-school-theatrical ‘this is my disdainful face’ mugging. Harris’ X chromosomes did not force her to do that.”

She added: “Nor did Harris’ gender force her to leave points on the table. She left them on the table because she couldn’t think of a good response quick enough. Stop grading us on a curve. We can make the grade.”

Numerous Twitter users said the more the Left plays the Woman Card to excuse Kamala’s dismal performance, the more they’re actually admitting that she lost big-time.

“They’re pulling the mansplaining card, which means Pence won by more than we thought.”

“Pence dominated Kamala so thoroughly and convincingly that the media’s only available tactic is to accuse him of being a sexist for debating a woman at a debate. These people are such clowns.”

“Ladies, when a man interrupts you and talks over you, he’s treating you exactly like he treats his male friends. If you have a problem with that, then you are asking to be treated differently because of your gender.”

Many women scoffed at the Democrats’ predictable playing of the Gender Card.

“Kamala, If you can’t handle “mansplaining,” how could you handle being Vice President?”


“If you’re a woman who can’t handle a debate with a man, perhaps you’re in the wrong position.”

“Her constant hand gestures are meant to distract from the lack of substance.”

Twitter users opined that it’s obvious that Pence won because the mainstream media are obsessing over a fly that briefly landed on his head instead of discussing the substance of the debate.

Flashback: Remember in 2016, when a fly repeatedly landed on Democrat Hillary Clinton‘s FACE?

Here are some screenshots of the fly that repeatedly landed on Hillary’s face during her 2016 presidential debates against Donald Trump.

Hillary clinton fly on face debate 2016

“Democrats are talking about a fly. If you’re talking about a fly, you didn’t win. Vice President [Pence] is clear winner!”

Samantha Chang


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