Trump to visit Kenosha, Dem mayor thanks feds for stemming violence as Biden slams them as a prop

jacob blake criminal complaint rap sheet mugshot
Jacob Blake is the latest career criminal that Black Lives Matter protesters are rioting over in Democrat-run cities. (2016 mugshot)

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President Trump will visit Kenosha, Wisconsin on September 1 amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots ravaging the Democrat-run city since the August 23 shooting of Jacob Blake.

Blake, 29, is a black man who was shot by police while resisting arrest for alleged felony sexual assault.

Trump plans to meet with law enforcement and survey the massive property damage caused by left-wing thugs in the name of “racial justice.”

“It’s a great state, Wisconsin, and they should not have to put up with what they went through,” President Trump told reporters yesterday aboard Air Force One.

It’s unclear if the president will meet with Jacob Blake’s family — a no-win situation for Trump. Why? Because if he doesn’t meet them, Democrats and their media minions will howl that he’s insensitive and racist.

And if he does, the Left won’t give President Trump any credit and will criticize him anyway.

When asked if the police shooting was justified since Blake had an outstanding arrest warrant for sexual assault; had resisted arrest; and was allegedly reaching for a knife when he was shot, Trump demurred.

“It was not a good sight,” Trump said. “I didn’t like the sight of it. And I think most people would agree with that. I’m looking into it very strongly. I’ll be getting reports and I’ll certainly let you know pretty soon.”

jacob blake rap sheet criminal complaint rapist
This is the Left’s latest cause du jour: Elevating an accused rapist and woman-beater. (Jacob Blake criminal complaint)

Democrat Joe Biden will not visit Kenosha, even though pundits say this gesture could help Biden, who’s floundering after the Republican National Convention rocketed Trump’s poll numbers.

However, Biden wasted no time accusing Trump of sending the National Guard to Kenosha as a “prop” to score political points.

Biden cluelessly ignored the grateful response of Kenosha’s mayor, who thanked the National Guard for stemming the violent riots and arson.

Kenosha’s Mayor John Antaramian — a Democrat — said: “The police and sheriff and the National Guard that are here from all over the state and the feds that are helping us, we appreciate and give them a great deal of credit for helping us get to where we are today, where the violence has dropped dramatically.”

(Source: Twitter)

Innocent small-business owners like Sam — an immigrant from India who owns a car dealership in Kenosha — are being sacrificed on the altar of the Left’s false narrative about “racist white cops.”

“I’m a minority too,” Sam said. “I’m a brown person. I have nothing to do with this.”

The 17 people Sam employed have all lost their jobs “for nothing.”

Sam claims to have lost “every dime” he has in last few days, thanks to Black Lives Matter Marxists.

Democrat-run cities have been under siege by Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters since the May 25 death of George Floyd, a black man with an extensive rap sheet.

These riots have continued because the media are stoking racial division and promoting the lie that “racist” white cops are killing black men en masse, despite statistics showing this is false.

Jacob Blake’s shooting is the latest catalyst for the mass rioting, looting, assaults, and property destruction in liberal cities.

Blake was shot and wounded by police while resisting arrest.

The police were trying to apprehend Blake because he had an outstanding arrest warrant for felony sexual assault and violated a restraining order filed by his former girlfriend.

At the time Blake was shot, he was reportedly reaching into a car to get a knife.

Police say Blake had put one cop in a headlock and ignored two attempts to Taser him while resisting arrest.

The Democrat-run city of New York has demonized and defunded the police.

This is the result: A woman was raped in broad daylight on a crowded subway platform.

Trump rips CNN for blaming his supporters for violence: YOUR supporters killed a man!


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