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MLB’s Washington Nationals fire one of its own for throwing 2 cups of hot coffee in store cashier’s face

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Late Friday, a video emerged on social media showing an employee with the Washington Nationals MLB team throwing two cups of allegedly hot coffee in the face of a female convenience store employee for reasons that remain unclear.

Watch the full video below (*Graphic content):

Or watch a shorter clipped version below:

The man seen sauntering around the convenience store like a hotshot and then throwing two cups of allegedly steaming hot coffee in the convenience store employee’s face is Jazhiel Morel, who administered the Nationals’ baseball academy in Boca Chica.

While it’s not clear what exactly provoked his anger, it’s possible the employee had tried to deny him service because of the way he’d casually stepped behind the counter, which you’re not supposed to do, and grabbed two coffee cups. Notice also how, after filling his cups with coffee, he’d almost left the store as if he was intent on stealing them.

Either way, once the footage went viral, Morel’s job went bye-bye.

“The Washington Nationals learned of this horrific incident earlier today and immediately terminated the employee,” the team’s president of baseball operations and general manager, Mike Rizzo, said in a statement to ESPN on Saturday.

“We do not tolerate this type of behavior in our organization,” he reportedly added.

According to reporter Keldy Ortiz of New York newspaper Newsday, now that he’s been outed, Morel has vowed to turn himself in to police come Monday:

Now that Morel’s been outed as the perp, he’s also become Public Enemy Number One to a growing mass of ticked-off people.


Two things remain unclear.

One, how hot was the coffee? He’d just poured it, so chances are it was steaming hot. Nevertheless, the actual temperature of the coffee remains unknown.

Second, how is the convenience store employee holding up? While the American media appeared to be unaware of her condition as of Sunday morning, some social media users claimed via their sources that she’s received treatment for some burns to her face and is currently on medical leave:

As for the Nationals’ academy in Boca Chica, it’s assumed it’ll be better off without Morel.

“The Nationals’ Dominican academy has been a source of significant talent for the defending World Series champions. Among those who have come from the Nationals’ Dominican pipeline: star outfielder Juan Soto, center fielder Victor Robles, reliever Wander Suero, infielder Wilmer Difo and rookie infielder Luis Garcia,” ESPN reported.

Morel’s LinkedIn page reportedly shows that he started at the academy as an intern in 2017, worked for two years as an administrative assistant and was promoted to administrator this past November. As of August 2020, however, he’s now unemployed.

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