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Brad Parscale calls media ‘criminal network’ and ‘America’s biggest enemy,’ predictable meltdown follows

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On his way out from his role as President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale posted a tweet vowing to continue fighting for the president and bashing the media for being “America’s biggest enemy.”


The tweet predictably triggered tears from “journalists” across the country.


Was Parscale really wrong, though?

Keep in mind he posted the tweet only a day after virtually the entire establishment media smeared White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.


Every tweet above was a lie by omission. Only later, after being called out, did these brave “journalists” issue clarifying tweets offering the full truth. These people frequently lie with impunity but then shrug their shoulders innocently afterward.

It’s happened repeatedly with McEnany, it happened last year with the Covington Catholic High School students and it happened the year before with middle-aged California white Trump supporter Roslyn La Liberte.

This happens virtually all the time, and the smears always run in one direction — against conservatives, Republicans, Christians, anyone who’s not left-wing.

Parscale’s tweet was also posted the same day that the media rushed to the defense of violent left-wing extremists in Portland who for the week have been looting businesses, vandalizing public property, attacking the police and behaving like monsters.

The media-wide defense was offered after the president finally decided to intervene in the matter by ordering federal authorities to restore order to the beleaguered city.

To hear the media tell it, this makes Trump a fascist and America’s federal authorities the Gestapo. Never mind all the violence that’s been committed by the left-wing extremists whom the president’s federal forces are trying to bring to justice.

You won’t see ANY of this footage in the media, but here’s the reality on the ground in Portland as it’s been for over a month now, courtesy of real journalist Andy Ngo:

But as noted earlier, this footage will NEVER receive mainstream coverage from the likes of duplicitous CNN “reporter” Oliver Darcy, among many others.

Why? Because this footage directly contradicts the media’s chosen narrative that the bad guys (the rioters) are the good guys, and the good guys (the authorities) are the bad guys.

The problem is that these ideologically-driven false narratives are what are driving public opinion and policy in America. The question, therefore, becomes, what do you call people who manipulate the truth in pursuit of their ideological agenda?

According to Parscale and numerous others, you call them the “enemy of the people.”



Vivek Saxena


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