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NBC science contributor spends weeks as poster child for horrible virus, admits all COVID-19 tests were negative

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An NBC News science contributor who claimed he managed to recover from the severe effects of COVID-19 reportedly never tested positive for the disease in the first place. Instead, his illness — which consumed a lot of airtime on the network — is an “undiagnosed mystery.”

Dr. Joseph Fair, 42, whose Twitter handle is “curefinder,” previously told Meet the Press host Chuck Todd that the experience with the coronavirus was the “worst I ever felt.”

Fair is a virologist and epidemiologist who is apparently touted as a COVID expert.

“Despite having appeared on NBC and MSNBC almost a dozen times to discuss his recovery from the virus, neither network has still released a correction on air,” The Federalist noted about a situation that some might consider another example of fake news and/or pandemic fear-mongering by the media.

In addition to NBC and MSNBC, Fair has garnered publicity in other legacy media outlets such as The Washington Post, where he was dubbed an international “virus hunter.”

Dr. Fair originally claimed that contracted the coronavirus through his eyes while on a crowded plane flight while wearing a face mask and gloves. Passengers were packed in “like sardines,” he asserted.

Earlier this week, he admitted on Twitter that while he was seriously ill, he never actually received a COVID diagnosis despite being symptomatic.

The Fourth Watch delved into this mystery more deeply, including that Dr. Fair reportedly tested negative multiple times.

“What Todd didn’t tell the audience that day, and Dr. Joseph Fair didn’t offer up either, was that Fair had already had at least five negative coronavirus tests…In the end, NBC’s viewers were left with two very alarming – and false – impressions. First, that an expert virologist can take every precaution but can still catch COVID-19 through his eyes. False. Second, that tests can be so untrustworthy that you can have multiple negative tests and still have coronavirus…False. Anti-science. And truly damaging.”

“So what really happened? We don’t know. I asked several medical experts, and it’s unclear what the story really is….Fair did not respond to repeated requests for comment. NBC has declined to comment on the record throughout the past month.”

A book about Ebola recounts how Fair was allegedly at death’s door from an illness when he was a graduate student. “In the end, Fair took some antibiotics and made a miraculous recovery. But COVID-19 was worse than this experience?” Fourth Watch wondered.

Twitter reacted to the NBC News’ lack of transparency about what others have described as a politically motivated panic-demic.

Here is a sample.


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