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Twitter suspends student for joke tweet involving George Floyd as university genuflects to BLM outrage

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A conservative student at Kansas State University was suspended by Twitter over a joke tweet regarding George Floyd, leading to threats of violence and death as the school’s president rushed to condemn him.

In addition, student Jaden McNeil — who is noted in some circles for his live-stream gaming on DLive — is also facing possible expulsion for the tweet.

In his tweet, which has since been deleted, McNeil ‘congratulated’ George Floyd, who died at the hands of Minneapolis police last month, for being “being drug-free for an entire month!”

And while many believe the joke to have been in bad taste, McNeil certainly is not the first one to take that approach with a notable figure who passed away under less than ideal circumstances.

A compilation of tweets by The Gateway Pundit shows that other Twitter users have written many similar posts about celebrities who died from overdoses and other causes.

(Courtesy: The Gateway Pundit)


But unlike those users, McNeil was inundated with angry responses including threats of violence and death.

And one of them, Dante Jones, a producer at KCTV5, a Kansas City, Mo, CBS affiliate, has made several disparaging references to gay men.

Jones’ account has since been ‘protected.’

Kansas State President Richard Myers immediately condemned McNeil and pledged to “review” the university’s “options,” which strongly suggests that disciplinary action is on the way.

“The insensitive comments posted by one K-State student hurts our entire community. These divisive statements do not represent for the values of our university. We condemn racism and bigotry in all its forms,” Myers said, despite the fact that McNeil made no comments about Floyd’s African-American ethnicity.

“We are launching an immediate review of the university’s options. Black Lives Matter at Kansas State University and we will continue to fight for social justice,” he added, without elaborating on how McNeil’s joke was detrimental to BLM or its causes.

He continued:

Once again our campus community has been affected by racist statements, which causes pain to many of us. We know this is not what we want to stand for; our expectation is that we will help build the world up, not tear it down. During these times of high emotion and social media vitriol, we must not lose sight of the progress we have made and must continue to make.

Racism and statements that reflect it, whether stated on social media or elsewhere, are abhorrent, tasteless and ignorant. They are against K-State’s values. They are against my personal values. The campus leadership and I expect more of our students. I want our community members to show empathy and be allies for one another. Students who do not want to treat people with dignity and respect should consider whether K-State is the right place for them, because K-State will not waver in its efforts to build an empathetic, diverse and inclusive campus community.

As of this writing, there have been no statements by Myers or other school administrators condemning the threats against one of their students.

Also, McNeil’s account was suspended by Twitter for 12 hours, but there is no indication the Left-leaning platform has taken similar actions against users who have made threats against the K-State undergrad.


“I was making a joke drawing attention to George Floyd not being the ‘gentle giant’ the media portrayed him to be and that set off the leftist mob,” McNeil told the Gateway Pundit.

“These people doxx and call for violence against me under their real names with zero repercussions while simultaneously claiming that I am the bad guy and calling for my expulsion,” he added.

The site notes that Kaitlin Bennett of Liberty Hangout contacted K-State to ask about what the university was doing about the threats to McNeil, but reported that officials there claimed to have no knowledge of them.


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