Taunting is out of control: White protester verbally abuses black cop, ‘You’re Mom’s going to tell you you’re a piece of sh*t!’

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Leftist protesters continued to demonstrate around the country on Monday, but the message appears to have shifted away from ‘justice’ for George Floyd into a full-fledged assault on the civil society.

Videos of encounters between protesters and police officers show a heightened level of disrespect and anger, as evidenced by one involving a white demonstrator verbally abusing a black officer and other cops, taunting them by getting in their faces, even as one advises him to back off.

**Warning Language

At one point, the white demonstrator tells the black cop, “Your child’s gonna tell you you’re a piece of s**t. Your mom’s gonna tell you you’re a piece of s**t. You’re a piece of sh*t. You’re a piece of sh*t.”

The white BLM thug then moves in closer and holds a finger in front of the officer’s face, proclaiming, “You’re part of the f**king problem.”

After some back-and-forth with an officer out of the camera’s view, the thug then moves to a white cop standing next to the black officer, claiming he has a “First Amendment right” to get in their faces.

When the white officer warns him he can’t be that close, the thug responds, “I can be in your face all I want. It’s my First Amendment right.”

“Use your mask. Stop being a b**th,” he says.

As another officer talks with the thug out of view of the camera, the protester then points at the black cop and says, “Tell this b**ch-a** [N-word] to stop puttin’ his hands on people.”

The other officer who was conversing with the thug off-camera then moved in closer, revealing that he, too, is black, as he warns the protester he can’t put his hands on the other black officer.

“You almost did, you almost did,” the second black officer says.

“Have I touched him though? Have I touched him though,” the white BLM thug — who appears intoxicated — responds.

After more back and forth, another white demonstrator comes up to the thug and calms him down, as the second black officer asks him to “give me five feet” of separation.

Other videos showed more abuse, including one featuring a younger black male taunting a white officer with the objective of having the officer respond with force so he would be fired.

“Whassup? Whassup? Put that baton down. Yeah, I’m a real fighter out here,” the black thug taunted.

The video also shows other protestors taunting cops and shining lights in their faces, which could be interpreted by some as putting officers at a tactical disadvantage.

Video posted by Townhall senior writer Julio Rojas indicates that objects were thrown and that some officers responded with limited force.

Responses to the abuse on social media were a mixture of rage and anger at the protesters to support of police and defense of culture, which appears to be clearly under assault by the Left.

“I’m a tolerant person, but the rage I feel watching the destruction of statues, assault of innocent citizens, disrespect of police & brazenness of BLM & Antifa is changing me. It’s no longer Trump vs Biden. It’s America vs Anarchy. I choose America. And I’m ready to fight for it,” one person wrote.

“Citizens that give a damn about OUR country, need to show up when police have to face the dems mob. Make a defensive wall to support our officers,” wrote another.

Protesters also started fires in the street, though, as noted by Rojas, some people did not want them to be lit or grow in size.

Those screaming at police included white women as well, who were equally abusive and disrespectful.

Female demonstrator screaming at DC Park Police during Monday’s protests. (Photos: Screen grabs).

Jon Dougherty


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