Viral villain who shoved white 92 yr-old woman to the ground has been found and arrested

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A young black man and career criminal who was caught on video shoving a 92-year-old woman to the ground in New York City has been identified and arrested on assault charges.

On Tuesday, the NYPD tweeted a video of the incident, which shows a man now identified 31-year-old Rashid Brimmage, as he walked towards the woman, who was being assisted by a pushcart, in Manhattan on Friday afternoon.

As the suspect passes by the woman, he appears to reach out and strike or push her with his left hand, which caused her to fall over.

Afterward, the suspect continued walking in the direction he was traveling, turning around to see her lying on the ground as he leaves the video frame.

Fox5NY reported that the woman was taken to Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital and is in stable condition after reportedly striking her head on a nearby fire hydrant as she fell. The affiliate reported that the alleged assault occurred in the Gramercy Park section of Manhattan.

The New York Post reported that Brimmage, who was taken into custody later Tuesday, is a long-time repeat offender who has had a number of encounters with police.

“Thanks to the outstanding work of @NYPDDetectives, this suspect has been apprehended,” Police Commissioner Dermot Shea tweeted Tuesday, the Post noted.

“Police sources said cops recognized the attacker, who has had dozens of run-ins with law enforcement — including 101 arrests,” the Post reported.

“I’m frightened to tears,” the woman — a retired teacher who did not want her name used — told local affiliate WABC-TV. “I’m not going to walk there on my own, and it’s very upsetting. It’s very upsetting.”

“I thought it was a brick or something like that,” she said, regarding her head injury. “Hit me on the right scalp, on the right side of my head, and of course I fell down on the street. There were a couple of young women there. They helped me up. They said, ‘I’m going to call an ambulance.’”

WABC reported that the woman was heading to the drug store when the assault occurred. She also said she credits her otherwise good health for being able to make it back home, where she said she is going to stay for the time being.

“I’ve felt very safe in the city, and now, forget it,” she said. “I’m afraid to go out.”

The retired teacher also had some words of advice for her alleged attacker.

“There are better ways for you to have a better life, and it’s happening now with all the marches,” she told WABC.

People and neighbors who witnessed the assault were livid.

“That guy should be caught and have his arms broken off,” one neighbor said, WABC reported.

“That’s horrible,” added another. “You shouldn’t do that…that’s crazy. How do you do that? How do you do that?”

As for his criminal record, WABC reported that Brimmage is also a “transit recidivist,” noting that he also became “a level 2 sex offender with a July 23, 2014 arrest for persistent sexual abuse.”

More recently, he was arrested March 9 for striking a 29-year-old man at a pizza restaurant in Harlem. In February, he allegedly struck a 39-year-old woman and a 39-year-old man at a Dunkin’ Donuts in the Bronx, where he’s from.

He’s also suspected in a February grand larceny incident in a subway in East Harlem.

Jon Dougherty


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