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Ice Cube falls for ‘fake news’ trap, tweets viral photoshopped image falsely linking Minn cop to Trump

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Ice Cube. Screenshot.

Gangster rapper Ice Cube joined other left-wing figures Wednesday in sharing fake news linking the now-terminated, disgraced Minneapolis police officer responsible for George Floyd’s suspected murder to President Donald Trump.

At 8:39 am Wednesday morning, he posted a tweet that contained a photo of the former cop, Derek Chauvin, juxtaposed next to a man wearing a “Make Whites Great Again” hat.

Cube captioned the tweet by writing, “A wolf in wolves clothing. The demons are among us. #Fightthecowards.”


The fake photo compilation was shared by others as well:

The insinuation was that Chauvin is a Trump supporter, and Trump supporters are white nationalists. But the entire tweet was fake news.

According to fact-checks by numerous organizations, including Snopes, the man pictured on the right wasn’t Chauvin but rather “professional troll” and ex-convict Jonathan Riches.

“He attended the Bill Cosby trial in September 2016 and offered Cosby Jell-O every time the rapist entered court,” HuffPost’s Luke O’Brien wrote last year in a profile of Riches.

“He turned up in Florida with gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum as a Black Lives Matter demonstrator. A particularly successful ruse was posing as Muslim and attending political events. He did it at a Trump event in Manheim, Pennsylvania, on Oct. 1, 2016.”

He’s also known for filing thousands of frivolous lawsuits against everybody and everything, including but not limited to former President George W. Bush, pop star Britney Spears and “Adolf Hilter’s Nationalist Socialist Party.”

In short, he’s a clown, and there’s no legitimate link between him and either the disgraced former cop in Minneapolis or the president of the United States.

In a statement to Snopes, Riches claimed even the photo of him was fake.

“Hat is fake. Photocopied / photoshopped for sure.. I wear MAGA hats […] People don’t like me because of my Trump political activism. In return they set up fake profiles of me, memes, fake screen shots etc,” he reportedly wrote.

“In return I re-post to my friends what these people do to me. Been doing it for years to me […] It’s my face in the photo. Someone doctored or edited [the hat] and spread it as if I am the cop. Now I’m being harassed.”

This claim has been disputed by counter-evidence.

“[A] second photograph of Riches in a ‘Make Whites Great Again’ was posted to a Facebook page in support of the two men charged in the killing of a black jogger in Georgia. Riches claimed that this image was posted by a ‘fake profile,'” Snopes reported.

“However, Riches shared a screenshot of this post to his Facebook page (which he has since deleted) and commented that he couldn’t believe “people can get so triggered by a red hat.” At that time, Riches made no mention that the hat was fake.”

Either way, Riches has no ties to Chauvin or Trump — a fact so incontrovertible that Twitter chose to add a fact-check to Cube’s still-up tweet:

It’s not clear why Cube’s tweet remained up as of Thursday morning. Because of his apparent refusal to remove it, the tweet had accrued thousands of negative responses, some of them from individuals as clearly far-left and anti-Trump as him.


Cube has a history of hating the police and denouncing the president.

In recent tweets, however, he indicated that he might be willing to support Trump, but only if the president were to bow to his radical demands.

Look (*Language warning):

The photo compilation containing images of Chauvin and Riches wasn’t the only fake news to go viral Wednesday. So did another photo showing President Donald Trump on stage at a rally last October.


But according to multiple sources, the man pictured at the rally is not in fact Chauvin.

In a video posted last Wednesday, black conservative commentator David J. Harris Jr. asked “liberals that are blaming Donald Trump” for Chauvin’s actions to cut the crap.


**Warning for language**

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