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Familiar sound heard during remote Supreme Court argument gives new meaning to ‘flushed from the record’

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Shelter-in-place orders issued in response to the coronavirus pandemic have meant that scores of Americans not used to working from home have been forced to do so.

As such, many have had to rely on virtual meetings and online communications in order to conduct their business, which has, in turn, led to moments of high hilarity.

Another such incident occurred during oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court, when someone — somewhere — flushed a toilet, which was picked up on audio and is now, of course, going viral on social media.

During a presentation by Roman Martinez, an attorney for the American Association of Political Consultants, a toilet can be heard flushing in the background.

Needless to say, the incident spread quickly around social media.

Of course, the ‘stay-at-home’ syndrome has struck elsewhere in society, as we have noted, many of them featuring journalists and on-air personalities.

*Warning: The following clip contains nudity*


It’s not clear when the clip was taken but it did stir up a healthy portion of controversy for the journalist, Alfonso Merlos.

“The Spanish TV host has been accused of cheating after a half-naked woman walked into shot during one of his at-home news broadcasts — a woman who was not his girlfriend,” the U.K.’s Metro newspaper reported.

“Merlos, 41, was presenting a report on the Estado de Alarma channel from his home when a woman, appearing to only be wearing a bra, walked through the room, in view of the camera.”

Reports noted that the female who walked in is Alexia Rivas, a fellow Spanish journalist.

In another on-air episode of unintentional nudity, Melinda Meza of KCRA3 was recording herself as she cut her own bangs when doing a story about hairstylists who are under stay-at-home orders. 

“Her husband, Mike de Lambert, apparently is seen in a reflection in the background, unaware that his privates were beamed over the airwaves,” the New York Post reported.

Again, here’s your nudity warning:

Then, there is the incident involving ABC News reporter Will Reeve, who was seen doing an at-home report wearing a suit jacket and collared shirt, but no pants.

This clip contains partial nudity:

Reeve later explained on Twitter that he was wearing shorts, not his skivvies.

But perhaps nothing tops the dude who comes into the shot wearing as shirt and underwear, as his mate engages in a video conference call. The really funny part, though, is watching him do his best Three Stooges impression by running into something while trying to get out of the room.

**Partial Nudity warning**

And again, this kind of stuff is happening…a lot.

Jon Dougherty


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