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New Mexico mayor to defy lockdown and reopen city: ‘The governor is killing us!’

New mexico mayor reopen city shutdown
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The Democratic mayor of a small New Mexico town vows to reopen businesses on Monday, in defiance of the state’s Democratic governor, Michelle Lujan-Grisham, who has extended lockdowns until May 15.

Mayor Martin Hicks of Grants, New Mexico, says the business shutdowns and draconian citizen lockdowns are “killing” the city, thanks to the governor’s “Gestapo” tactics.

Accordingly, Hicks told local businesses that they can reopen on Monday and he won’t enforce the state’s lockdown violation citations.

“The governor is killing us! She’s totally killing us,” Mayor Hicks said. “So we have no choice. Right now, we are reopening. Let the State Police come down here.”

Hicks added: “On Monday, we are reopening Grants. We are going to follow the CDC guidelines. We are going to do the social distancing, but we will be open for business even though that is against the governor’s executive order.”

(Source: KOAT)

Mayor Hicks said the city is collapsing financially and that 80 local businesses were forced to close their doors due to the public health order.

Hicks said he’s prepared for whatever punishment Governor Lujan-Grisham imposes on him for defying her orders, because the lockdown is “killing us anyway.”

“I am prepared to take whatever she wants to give me because she is already killing us anyway,” Hicks said. “What she going to do she hasn’t already done to us? She has taken all of our jobs! What she going to do — come put me in jail?”

New Mexico (population: 2.1 million) has so far attributed 104 deaths to the coronavirus. Given these statistics, why is the entire state in lockdown until May 15?

Mayor Hicks is a Democrat but says the draconian lockdown orders being imposed by Democratic governors are Nazi-like.

“I’ve told businesses to call 911 if State Police show up to their place,” Hicks said. “We are going to stop Lujan-Grisham and her Gestapo.”

In a statement, Governor Lujan Grisham reacted by blasting Mayor Hicks’ Nazi comparison:

“To compare an elected official making difficult decisions to protect the public health of all New Mexicans to Hitler is disgusting. We condemn it in the strongest possible manner.

The world recently observed Holocaust Remembrance Day, and to make such a horrifying and misguided comparison while New Mexicans are taking action to protect themselves and their communities from a terrible virus is beyond the pale.”

While New Mexico’s Democratic governor is clutching her pearls at being compared to Nazis, keep in mind that her entire Party and their media minions have repeatedly smeared President Trump as “literally a Nazi.”

Numerous medical experts say it’s unhealthy for people to remain in lockdown, and doing so actually increases your chances of contracting the Wuhan coronavirus.

Several recent scientific studies show that remaining cooped-up in enclosed spaces is dangerous during a pandemic.

A new study of 320 towns in China concluded that the most common place where patients got infected was inside their own homes. Eighty percent of COVID-19 outbreaks began inside someone’s home.

The report concluded: “All identified outbreaks of three or more cases occurred in an indoor environment, which confirms that sharing indoor space is a major [coronavirus] infection risk.”

New Mexico governor violates lockdown while ordering everyone else to stay home

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