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WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin on Biden: ‘Needs to accuse Trump of willingness to kill people’ if he really wants to win

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Jennifer Rubin, the alleged “conservative” columnist for the Washington Post, has been advocating on behalf of 2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden for quite some time now, as anyone who follows her Twitter feed can attest.

Prior to Sen. Bernie Sanders announcing earlier this week that he is “suspending” his bid for the White House, Rubin was electioneering hard for Biden over the self-avowed socialist — so much so that you may wonder how the former vice president’s campaign gets away with not claiming her efforts as in-kind contributions.

And now that “Sleepy Joe” Biden is the presumptive nominee, Rubin has turned her sights on defeating President Donald Trump. Already a rabid member of the Trump Derangement Syndrome cabal, the columnist exceeded her usual vexatious rantings against Trump to cross any lines of political decency.

“If Biden is serious about winning he needs to accuse Trump of willingness to kill people,” Rubin tweeted.

At the same time, she deserves some credit for being honest about how unhinged she is in wanting to unseat Trump and not hiding behind any feigned sense of fair play, given that there’s not a kernel of truth in her vile assertion.

But then, such rhetoric has become the norm on the left, as seen on Wednesday when longtime Democratic Party strategist James Carville accused Republicans of “literally” killing people for not going along with suspending Tuesday’s primary in Wisconsin.

“This thing in Wisconsin was one of the most awful things I’ve ever seen in my life,” Carville said during an appearance on CNN. “Just the extent they’ll go to, to hold on to power. It was all about one Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin. They will kill people to stay in power. Literally.”

Democrats seem to be determined to exploit the crisis brought on by the Wuhan virus to alter and disrupt the electoral process as much as possible.

Rubin linked to a Wa-Po article about the Trump administration looking to reopen the economy in the near future without widespread testing.

Such reporting lending credence to the belief held by many that the media wants the economy to stay shut down as long as possible, despite the suffering it brings on the American people, in the hopes that a collapse will harm Trump’s reelection chances.

The newspaper cites the “experts” who have been wrong on so many predictions in the face of an unprecedented national emergency crisis brought on by the pandemic.

Any talk about reopening the economy meets fierce resistance from the media, who also hyperventilate over any mention of medication that may prove to be helpful in countering COVID-19.

Such things fail to adhere to their sky-is-falling narrative.

Needless to say, Rubin was lit up online by social media users — rightfully so. Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:



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