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Shaun King plays Gotcha with wrong lawmaker and ends up in screenshot infamy

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Shaun King got caught up in his own friendly fire on Friday when he attempted to shame Hawaiian Democrat Senator Brian Schatz regarding his support for Medicare for all.

King, an avid Bernie supporter who frequently shills the benefits of “democratic” socialism, has since deleted a tweet in which he asked Schatz whether he “support[ed] Medicare For All right now.” The question was in response to the Senator’s own tweet noting that “[w]e are seeing preventable mass deaths in the United States.”

Apparently this was an attempt to “gotcha” the Democrat, and shame him for allegedly not being socialist enough for the activist’s liking.

Unfortunately for “Crooker T. Washington,” Schatz wasn’t about to play his game.

This exchange, which will live on the internet in screenshot infamy, sent “Shaun King” trending on Twitter with the names “Talcum X.” “Martin Luther Cream,” “Medgar Nevers,” “Fraudrick Douglass,” “Chaka Con,” and “Alexander Scamilton.”

Upon realizing his mistake, King did not apologize for the error. In fact, he is doubling down on it by moving the goalposts, stating that he was asking whether Schatz supported the socialist policy at this very moment, during the coronavirus pandemic. It was a desperate move that was roundly mocked in the replies.

Even into Saturday, King can be seen complaining that Schatz “hardly lifted a finger advocating for it over the past year.” This claim comes in response to a tweet “proving” that Schatz hasn’t tweeted the phrase “Medicare for all.” Because everyone knows Twitter advocacy — not legislative action — is the only real way to determine whether someone believes in something.

It would appear that even his own fellow liberals are “over” his behavior, with one even asking whether he has been “canceled yet.”

But being publically spanked by an elected official isn’t the only reason King found himself trending.

According to several Twitter users, King has a “questionable past with fundraisers” and is capitalizing on the COVID-19 outbreak.

King addressed the claims that he is running a “fraudulent fundraiser for coronavirus victims,” and vehemently denied the allegations all while promoting the “C19 Help Squad.” He claims this organization hasn’t “raised a single penny,” but instead has amassed a national network of volunteers.

But someone noted a slight discrepancy in what King posted, and what the C19 Twitter account has posted.

It looks like the left is finally discovering all of the things that conservatives have been saying about King for years.

Better late than never, as they say.


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