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Sinema lashes out at Rand Paul for using Senate gym, pool while waiting for test results. Anyone else see a bigger problem?

(Image: NBC News screenshot)

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Senator Kyrsten Sinema rebuked her colleague, Sen. Rand Paul, over a report that he had used the Senate gym and pool while he was awaiting results on his coronavirus test.

The Arizona Democrat took to Twitter to call out Paul’s “irresponsible” actions, reacting to a tweet from Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim who said, per sources, that Paul had used the gym and swimming pool shortly before receiving his positive test results on Sunday.

(Image: NBC News screenshot)

“You cannot be near other people while waiting for coronavirus test results. It endangers others & likely increases the spread of the virus,” Sinema tweeted.

The office for Paul, the first senator who has tested positive for coronavirus, announced later Sunday that he had tested positive for COVID-19, was “feeling fine and is in quarantine.”

Following the accusations, the Kentucky Republican’s Twitter account fired back, asserting he had left the Senate “immediately” after learning of his diagnosis.

“Insinuations such as those below that he went to the gym after learning of his results are just completely false & irresponsible!” the tweet read.

CNN’s Manu Raju jumped in with several tweets Sunday showing Paul “seated next to other senators” during a GOP lunch on Friday and citing a source who had told Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas about Paul using the pool and gym.

Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah spoke about being near Paul during the luncheon.

CNN’s Jake Tapper related the timeline of events leading up to Paul’s departure from the Senate after his test results were learned, and pointing out the senator’s lung issues after he was attacked in his yard by his neighbor in 2017.

Sinema’s criticism of Paul was challenged multiple times by others on Twitter where she defended her rebuke by asserting that the facts “are not contested.”

Meanwhile, CNN political reporter Abby Phillip asked one question that many had overlooked.

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