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‘She choked…He choked!’ Trump mocks Dem debate with animated shots at Klobuchar and Bloomberg

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President Trump held a rally Thursday night in Colorado Springs, his first visit to the state since the 2016 election, and this week’s Democratic primary debate was keen on the president’s mind.

The debate, held in Las Vegas, was the ninth and most-watched event yet in the 2020 election, with nearly 20 million people tuning in, and Trump was not very impressed with the performances of billionaire Mike Bloomberg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.

“I don’t know if anyone watched last night’s debates,” Trump told the massive crowd at Broadmoor World Arena. “It got very big ratings — and you know what, Mini Mike didn’t do well last night.”

“I was going to send him a note saying it’s not easy doing what I do is it,” the president joked.


Trump then turned his attention to the Democratic senator from Minnesota, playfully imitating a choking gesture.

“How about Klobuchar, did you see her?” he asked. “She choked.”

With socialist Bernie Sanders now the front-runner, elitist Democrats are panicking because former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, look to be fading. The party’s media allies have been propping up Bloomberg and Klobuchar in a desperate attempt to overtake Sanders, who all concerned feel will lose to Trump.

The president referenced an exchange Klobuchar has with former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, with Trump calling him Alfred E. Neuman, the fictitious Mad mascot.

“She choked. She couldn’t breathe!” he told the energetic crowd. “Alfred E. Neuman looked at her and said something slightly derogatory and she said are you accusing me of being dumb? Who would make a statement like that?”

“That was the end of her campaign in my book,” Trump added. “You don’t say that. Even if it’s true, you don’t say that.”

Buttigieg had slammed Klobuchar for forgetting the Mexican president’s name in an interview with Spanish-language station Telemundo.

“Are you trying to say I’m dumb?” she countered. “Are you mocking me here, Pete? I said I made an error. People sometimes forget names.”

Bloomberg would come up again a few minutes later when the president was talking about a reporter who said he didn’t do well in debates.

“Bloomberg made a fool out of himself. He choked!” Trump said, grabbing at his neck and gagging. “I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe! Don’t ask me the question, please!”

The president was fairly critical of Fox News, saying the network “doesn’t treat us the way they used to,” before naming some of the network’s on-air personalities who still treat him fairly.

Names like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson, to mention a few, but Lou Dobbs drew the greatest praise.

“And we have the great Lou Dobbs,” Trump said. “Lou Dobbs says, ‘He’s the greatest president ever.'”

“Lou Dobbs, a year and a half, two years ago said, ‘He’s the greatest since Reagan.’ Then he said about six months ago, ‘He’s better than Reagan.’ And then he said a few nights ago, ‘He’s the greatest we’ve ever had.’ I said ‘does that include Lincoln and George Washington,’ he said ‘that includes them all.'”

Trump would also slam Brad Pitt while talking about the Academy Awards, calling the actor “a little wise guy” while panning a the South Korean film, “Parasite.”

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