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Beer company incites more assaults on Andy Ngo, plays victim when fans rebel

(Screengrabs: YouTube)

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Hanging Hills Brewing Company in Connecticut came under fire in short order after directly messaging journalist Andy Ngo what appeared to be a threat of violence.

Ngo, who is no stranger to Antifa-related violence such as “milkshaking,” took to Twitter on Saturday to reveal that a small brewery in Connecticut had personally messaged him, and wasn’t very happy.

“The following message was sent to me from the Twitter account of the Hanging Hills Brewing Company in Connecticut,” he tweeted, attaching a screenshot.

“Us far left breweries will be sure to throw milkshake (IPAs) at your dumb face should you ever walk into the pub,” said the Hanging Hills account. “And we’re going to fight for your healthcare after you report any brain hemorrhages you incur from said injurious liquids.”

It didn’t take long for Hanging Hills to receive backlash from Ngo’s followers. The fledgling company issued a follow-up tweet where they acknowledged the negative response and locked down their account.

“Hey guys! I said what I thought was a funny thing to Andy Ngo and now his followers are saying mean things on our social media and are calling the brewery,” it reads. “I apologize to my employees for having to deal with it. Have a great night! Going private for a while.”

Nowhere in that tweet was there an apology to Ngo for threatening violence against him as a “far left brewery.”

In fact, that was a theme that carried over into a 7-tweet thread in which “Joe,” the self-proclaimed owner, takes responsibility for the message. He also begs Ngo’s outraged fans to stop harassing his employees while implying the journalist is a “bad actor.” He also claimed that the threat of milkshaking with beer was a “joke” that was simply “not taken as a joke by a lot of angry people.”

But still, no apology.

It’s unclear what part of the message was supposed to be humorous: Violence against gay journalists, or brain injuries.

It would appear, however, that conservatives didn’t take kindly to this snide thread implying that Ngo is still the bad guy for having been assaulted in Portland.

As of this publication, the Yelp.com page for Hanging Hills Brewing Company had been flooded with 1-star reviews accusing the company of being an “authoritarian leftist establishment” and an “Antifa loving establishment who ironically act like the nazi brown shirts of the past.” This action has dropped its over-all rating to 1.5-stars.


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