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Monica Lewinsky’s apparent response to Ken Starr joining Trump defense requires a language warning

(Video screenshots from ABC News)

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Monica Lewinsky appears to be upset over her chosen arch-nemesis, famed attorney Ken Starr, joining President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team. Her message, while unspecific, caused folks to speculate what triggered her ire.

Observe what she tweeted after the news broke Friday (*Language Warning):

She sounded upset.

During former President Bill Clinton’s tenure in office, Starr was appointed independent counsel and tasked with investigating the then-president’s illicit activities. And those activities happened to include the affair that Clinton had with Lewinsky.

It was Starr’s work that led to the then-president’s eventual impeachment. It was likewise his work that led to Lewinsky being exposed to the nation and then smeared by Clinton and his congressional Democrat and media allies.

“Twenty-years-ago, in order to cover up his infamous lie about not having sex with ‘that woman,’ and with the full cooperation of the establishment media (especially CNN), the White House launched a cruel campaign of personal destruction against Lewinsky, a young White House intern,” Breitbart notes.

“She was ruthlessly smeared as a liar, lunatic, and unstable stalker, something akin to Kathy Bates in Misery — only Monica was Bill’s number-one fan.”

Clinton could have stopped all this from even occurring had he simply been honest from the get-go. But instead, he chose to lie, and his lies led to an investigation that wound up uncovering and exposing everything to the whole nation.

And for some reason, Lewinsky has long blamed Starr for this, despite him personally going out of his way to criticize the very people who smeared her.

“We live in a very different era, especially in terms of the way we treat human beings,” he said in an ABC News interview last year. “The treatment that was afforded by the Clinton White House — and by the president himself — to women who had come into his orbit, into some kind of relationship with him … to demean and to challenge and to attack them in these very mean-spirited ways was a part of, I think, the American tragedy that we experienced in the 1990s.”

He’s also maintained that he doesn’t owe Lewinsky an apology for simply doing his job.

“No, I won’t, because unfortunately the facts are the facts, and we were put in the position that — under the statute that I was appointed — I had a duty, I had a responsibility,” he said in a CBS interview two years ago.


Members of the left, to whom Lewinsky is now a #MeToo hero, hate Starr over his refusal to apologize for doing his job. It’s unclear why they don’t feel that same way about those whose lives were ruined by former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the since-debunked Russian collusion delusion conspiracy theory.

FYI, unlike the Russian collusion allegations against Trump, the allegations against Clinton were all proven to be 100 percent true.


Just to be clear, the “evidence” used against the current president — and made public by the media — included “salacious” allegations that Trump had once paid Russian hookers to urinate on a bed that had previously been used by the Obamas …

Dovetailing back to the tweet Lewinsky posted Friday, some of the shock and anger she seemingly expressed may also stem from her equal hatred of the current president and the Republican Party in general.

Her Twitter feed contains a lot of fact-free anti-Trump/GOP agitprop and retweets of fact-free anti-Trump/GOP agitprop.

Case in point:

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