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Tucker Carlson hits Warren as a ‘liar’ and a ‘phony’ over sexism accusation against Sanders

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Tucker Carlson ripped Sen. Elizabeth Warren and questioned if she is “telling the truth” in her accusations against 2020 rival Bernie Sanders.

The Fox News host came to Sanders’ defense Tuesday following the Democratic presidential debate from Iowa, slamming Warren as a “liar” and a “phony” after she essentially accused the Vermont senator of being sexist.

(Video: Fox News)

Warren angered Sanders’ supporters and set off a wave of criticism after confirming that he had told her in 2018 that he didn’t believe a woman could win the White House. Sanders vehemently denied ever making such a statement.

“Political fortunes can change overnight, faster than Warren’s ethnic identity, even,” Carlson quipped Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” as he spoke about the collapse of the Massachusetts senator’s campaign in his monologue.

“Suddenly the Warren campaign appears to be falling apart,” he said.

“And so as she hurtles toward Earth, Warren has pulled her reserve chute. She’s denouncing Bernie Sanders… wait for it… as a sexist,” Carlson added, airing a video clip of Sanders from 1988.

“In my view, a woman could be elected president of the United States,” the then-mayor of Burlington, Vt. said in the clip.

“So has Bernie Sanders changed his mind about that?” Carlson wondered. “Elizabeth Warren claims that he has. The question is, is she telling the truth?”

“Let’s review the evidence: This is the person who lied about her ethnicity in order to game the quota system at Harvard. This is also the person who made big money advising corporations on how to avoid paying the people they’d harmed,” he continued, saying she then “built an entirely new persona as a ferocious consumer champion.”

“This is a person so synthetic and uncertain of who she is that she can’t even drink a beer with her own husband without coming across like a captive in a hostage video,” Carlson said.

He slammed the Democrat over her disputed past, drawing attention to her recent claim on the campaign trail that she was once not offered a teaching job because she was pregnant.

“The scenario she just described never happened. She made it up. How do we know that?” Carlson asked. “Because Elizabeth Warren herself told a very different story 12 years before.”

A video clip from a 2007 interview showed Warren discussing that time in her life.

“So it turns out they didn’t actually wish her luck and fire her for being pregnant,” Carlson said. “What a fraud. What a liar. What a phony. We can say that conclusively. So could a lot of voters.”

He went on to defend Sanders, dismissing claims of the 78-year-old being misogynistic.

“Say what you want about Bernie Sanders. We do regularly. But he probably didn’t attack Elizabeth Warren for ‘being a woman,'” Carlson said. “There are a lot of reasons not to vote for Bernie Sanders, but you have to be a shallow lifestyle liberal to think sexism is one of them.”

“If that’s Warren’s Hail Mary pass – and it is – she’s done,” Carlson concluded. “It’s over.”

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