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Molly Hemingway blasts NY Times reporter for comparing Trump’s treatment of press to Iran’s

Screengrab Maggie Haberman – YouTube, Washington Week

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When you’re in the business of complaining about President Donald Trump, you can’t get bogged down in details when responding to his words and actions.

This was seen Sunday when New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman opted to take exception to the president warning Iran not to kill protesters and to “let reporters roam free.”

The warning came in response to protesters taking to the streets in Iran to call for the resignation of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei following the downing of a passenger jet carrying 176 people, who all died.

“’Let reporters roam free’ says the president, who routinely refers to the US press as ‘enemy of the people,’ to Iranian leaders,” Haberman tweeted in response to Trump’s tweet.

Haberman is clearly butt-hurt over Trump’s criticisms of the media and the fake news reporting, likening this to imprisonment or worse, dying.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway wasn’t about to let her shameless suggestion of a double standard go unchecked.

“NYT reporter suggests American press, by being criticized for poor reporting and other failures, suffers similarly to journalists in Iran, who are imprisoned, tortured, and murdered for their reporting,” Hemingway tweeted. “All this while American media downplays or ignores Iran’s lies.”

As reported by Fox News, Iran has a long history of murdering and imprisoning journalists.

Citing the Committee to Protect Journalists, the network noted that 11 reporters were imprisoned by Iran in 2019 alone and at least four have been killed since 1992.

Here’s a sampling of the responses to the story from Twitter:

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