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Thin-skinned NY Post editor complains to university that a professor called him ‘calamari’

(Image: Fox News screenshot)

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The op-ed editor of the New York Post sparked an online debate after he called out a college professor for mocking his name.

Iranian-American journalist Sohrab Ahmari found some empathy as well as plenty of criticism on social media after he tweeted, then deleted, a message to the University of Southern California complaining that a professor referred to him as “Sohrab Calamari” on Twitter.

“Hey @USC: Does a USC professor’s mocking my Persian name comport with your diversity and civility codes?” Ahmari wrote on Twitter, tagging the school and its employee. “Or do those lofty statements not apply when the target is a conservative Catholic?”

A screenshot of the tweet was also included with his message before he deleted it.

Ahmari deleted the tweet within the hour apparently but soon added a new tweet without tagging anyone.

Twitter users mocked Ahmari for his thin skin.

The editor and author was called out for deleting his other comments and blocking some users.

There was the occasional defender:

But some were angry that Ahmari was offended enough to jeopardize someone’s job

New York Times writer Elizabeth Bruenig pleaded for “mercy” from Ahmari, citing personal experiences with similar backlash.

Ahmari’s actions were likened to New York Times columnist Bret Stephens who reported George Washington University associate professor David Karpf after he compared him to a bedbug last year, setting off a viral reaction that caused Stephens to deactivate his Twitter account.

Though Ahmari, who debated conservatism with National Review writer David French last year, could delete his own comments and retreat, it seems the damage was already done. At least it provided some entertainment on Twitter.

Frieda Powers


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