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Joe Biden backtracks about defying Senate subpoena, but not before Warren got to butt in

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Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden … Credits: Google images, Gage Skidmore, Jay Godwin

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After Joe Biden made news by repeatedly insisting on camera in a Friday interview that he would not comply with a potential Senate subpoena to testify, his 2020 presidential rival Elizabeth Warren said that “if there is a lawfully issued order for a subpoena, then he should follow it.”

Oh-oh … can you picture the scaly Dem snake starting to eat itself?

But alas, Biden, the front runner in the Democrat race for the nomination, recognized the familiar taste of political betrayal and he reversed course on Saturday, seemingly implying in a tweet that he would cooperate “with legitimate congressional oversight requests.” In a three-part tweet, Biden tried to “clarify” his prior statement about refusing to honor a subpoena.

How can politicians look at themselves in the mirror?

At a town hall following those squirmy, vague, non-committal tweets, Biden more clearly told reporters that he would “honor whatever the Congress in fact legitimately asked me to do.” Still, he left open the possibility that he would challenge a subpoena in court.

According to NBC reporter Marianna Sotomayor, Biden continued to insist that he saw no legal grounds for Congress to call him forward during a Trump impeachment trial which is expected to begin in January.

“The whole point of this is anyone subpoenaed relating to this investigation with the president has to be able to have some knowledge to shed on whether or not he committed the offenses he is accused of committing. I have no first-hand knowledge,” he said.

In all of this, there is no recognition by Biden of the irony in the fact that in the Trump article of impeachment alleging obstruction of Congress is a citation for the administration’s refusal to comply with congressional subpoenas.

As for Warren’s comments about a Biden subpoena, she did toe the party line that a Senate trial is about alleged wrongdoing by Trump, and not about wrongdoing by others. “Donald Trump is being impeached for abuse of power and that’s where our focus should be,” Warren said. “Shame on him for trying to switch this over to something else.”

It’s not just conservatives who are jumping on Biden about his subpoena comments, as progressives are getting increasingly aggressive in the snake pit …

Victor Rantala


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