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Fla. GOP candidate says Dem impeachment push is energizing Trump’s base, makes easier to raise cash

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Judson Sapp, who hosted a Trump Victory Committee fundraiser in October that featured an appearance by Donald Trump Jr., said the Democratic Party’s’ partisan impeachment effort has only made President Trump’s supporters more “gung ho” to work for him.

Polling shows that President Trump has gained support during the one-sided attempt to remove him from office. A Gallup poll earlier this month showed that the president enjoyed an increase of six percentage points in his job approval rating since the House of Representatives opened an impeachment inquiry against him in the fall.

Sapp appeared on One America News Network recently to say Democrats have made the process of raising money to reelect the president easier.

“I work on Trump Victory — help raise money, and this has only made my job easier to raise money in the area,” he said.


Sapp is running to replace Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., who is not running for reelection — Yoho is honoring an early pledge to only serve four terms in Congress.

Having run unsuccessfully against Yoho in the GOP primary in 2018, this is Sapp’s second bid and the candidate said that he raised $100,000 in the first eight hours of announcing his run back in October.

And Sapp attributed his committed support of President Trump as a key reason for the support he has received.

One America News Network’s Jack Posobiec asked the Trump supporter what people think about the effort to impeach the president.

“The people don’t like it,” Sapp said. “They think it’s a waste of taxpayers’ dollars and time, and in my area, myself included, we think it’s a stunt by the Democrats to try to derail a lawfully elected president.

He went on to say that he believes Democrats know they’re gonna lose again to Trump in 2020 and impeachment “was a last-ditch effort” to prevent that.

“People are just lining up behind the president,” Sapp added. “I think it had the exact opposite effect that Democrats wanted.”

Posobiec pointed to Trump’s rally in Hershey, Penn., saying that impeachment has “energized and mobilized” people to support Trump.

In speaking of his own campaign, Sapp said, “I’ve always been one of these types of candidates that believes in helping other candidates because I believe we need to flip back the House, we need to keep control of the Senate and we need to reelect our president.”

This being the “most important” thing to do, he noted, especially rallying behind the president, which is what makes people want to support him.

“They’re getting behind me I think because I’ve shown that I do support the president with actions, not just words,” Sapp said.

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