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Despite his objections, hundreds of Obama aides line up to support Warren

(Sources: Obama White House / Flickr)

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Former President Barack Obama may be a voice of a political landscape long past, as it appears even his former staffers aren’t heeding his advice.

Hundreds of his former officials from his campaign appear to be endorsing Senator Elizabeth Warren, an outspoken proponent of Medicare-for-all and imposing outlandish taxes on the wealthy.

Sara El-Amine and Jon Carson, who both worked on Obama’s campaigns as well as Organizing for America, launched a campaign of support that culminated in upward of 200 endorsements of Warren from the former president’s alumni. El-Amine spoke with CNN about what prompted the decision, saying that Warren has the same electability and charisma that helped her ex-boss said to victory in 2008 and 2012.

“We are a group that really uniquely knows that electability is self-determining and that oftentimes it’s the people with the boldest vision and the most unlikely candidacies early on who can really shift the field,” she said. “Sen. Warren really has the zest and the grit and the gumption and the audacity that we loved that President Obama really embodied.”

Carson agrees and goes one step further in suggesting that the United States needs the revolutionary change that Warren is promising.

“We all got to know each other working on a campaign, but we’re doing different things now and I think we all really believe in the need for big structural change that she is promising,” he stated. “I think that’s why we’re with Sen. Warren.”

This comes on the heels of several reports that former President Obama is willing to help mentor the 2020 crop of Democrats, but is keeping radicals and revolutionaries like Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders at arm’s length. One report even indicates that Obama would be willing to tip the scales if Sanders were to secure the nomination.

BizPac Review reported at the time:

Speaking to a room reportedly brimming with “wealthy liberal donors,” the former socialist-light president specifically warned the party against basing its agenda on the views of “certain left-leaning Twitter feeds” or “the activist wing of our party.”

Ironically, this same “activist wing” used their “Twitter feeds” to blast him for being a fraud after the words from his speech went viral across the internet late Friday:

It would appear that for all intents and purposes, Obama does not endorse radical democratic socialists like Warren, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping his allies.

In a segment with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Dana Perino said that Obama has the chance to be a “kingmaker” of sorts, and unify the party into supporting a candidate, but how can Americans take him seriously when his own former aides undermine his message in such a huge way?


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