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Deputy working as school resource officer fired after viciously body slamming child to floor – twice!

Screengrab WRAL

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A North Carolina sheriff’s deputy working as a middle school resource officer has been fired after being caught on surveillance video violently body-slamming a student to the ground.


And if that isn’t enough to make you wince, the officer drags the child, who looks to be struggling to stand, down a corridor by his shirt.

The Vance County Sherriff’s Office said on Monday the now-former deputy is likely to face criminal charges, according to WRAL.


It not clear what prompted the deputy to react as he did — not that any action would justify it. There is no physical contact in the footage prior to him grabbing the child.

The Vance County Sheriff Office suspended the deputy with pay and has requested the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation to investigate the troubling incident that occurred at Vance County Middle School.

Sheriff Curtis Brame told WRAL he was “shocked” over what took place.

“I was stunned and shocked because I have eight grandchildren, four between the ages of 8 and 13,” Sheriff Brame stated. “To see a child that small reminded me of one of my grandchildren.”

The child being slammed to the ground was under age 12, according to the sheriff. He added the boy’s mother said her son had a bump on the head but wasn’t hospitalized.

Vance County Schools issued a statement Friday saying they are “deeply concerned” over the officer’s actions.

“We are aware of the incident that occurred at Vance County Middle School involving a school resource officer,” the release said. “We are deeply concerned by the actions that took place. School and district officials are working closely and in full cooperation with the local authorities to address this matter consistent with school board policy and state laws.”

The deputy has been with the sheriff’s office for two years and while unconscionable, his actions are in no way representative of law enforcement as a whole.

Not that this will stop the left from seizing on the incident.

This was seen when one-time Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King took to Twitter early Monday to call for the officer to be fired immediately and arrested — there’s little argument on the suggestion that the officer be arrested.

“This officer MUST be fired by the end of the day TODAY,” King tweeted. “He should then be ARRESTED immediately for felony assault of a child. This not only violates policy, it violates the law.

Tom Tillison


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