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Actress Emma Thompson says climate ‘crisis’ will force you to eat your pet, but she’s flying anyway

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Actress Emma Thompson, 60, has some bad news for pet owners: You may be forced to eat your beloved fur baby.

According to her predictions, there is “extreme weather” on the horizon and advised people to “wrap up warm, stockpile food and remember there is a surprising amount of protein in the average household pet.”

Talk about a doomsday scenario.

She read these statements in the form of a weather broadcast while attending an Extinction Rebellion climate event outside of the BBC Broadcasting House on Thursday. In addition to being forced to feast on Fido, she also believes there will be an “increased chance of warmer, wetter winters and hotter, drier summers, along with an increase of frequency and intensity of extremes.”

“Expect crop failures, water contamination, damaged houses, and ruined lives, and we will see these persistent weather fronts continue to wreak havoc across the nation, albeit with one or two days of dry and settled weather,” she reported gloomily, while also noting a possibility of “flooding everywhere.”

Watch her bizarre display below:

But some people wondered why she would be ranting and raving about climate change and the crisis facing the planet if she hypocritically flew to the event. To those people, she offered little in the way of a rebuttal.

“I may well be hypocritical by flying but I’m conscious of flying so I fly much less, but sometimes I have to when I’m working. But I’ll continue to find ways to get to places without flying,” she explained.

The actress has starred in many films such as “Love Actually,” “Nanny McPhee,” Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” “Bridgett Jones’ Baby,” and many, many others. The carbon footprint of flying from location to location, as well as all of the vehicles, set construction, and talent trailers is unknown, but suspected to be massive.

But while her extreme predictions may have played out well with the climate change crowd, the people of Twitter were not as quick to believe her questionable claims.

One person even noted that Thompson’s prediction for the future looks an awful lot like end-stage socialism, as evidenced by Venezuela.


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