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Kamala Harris hits back at Trump after he mocks her failure: ‘I’ll see you at your trial’

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President Trump took some time on Tuesday to say goodbye to Kamala Harris’ lifeless 2020 presidential campaign, and the California senator shot back with a tweet that only solidifies the theory that the impeachment inquiry is a personal attack on the president from Democrats.

“Too bad. We will miss you Kamala Harris!” Trump tweeted. His tweet was a response to a tweet from Corey Lewandowski addressing Harris dropping her campaign.

Harris shot back by saying, “Don’t worry, Mr. President. I’ll see you at your trial!”

Harris’ tweet is a reference to the fact that if the House votes on articles of impeachment against Trump, a trial will kick off in the Senate, which Harris would have had to be present for even if she were still running for president.

Harris’ latest swipe at the president went over about as well as much of her campaign, with many bringing up her controversial past as a prosector and others simply mocking her lifeless 2020 campaign.

Check out some reactions below and have yourself a good laugh:

Harris’ hatred for Trump appeared to drive her now-defunct campaign, perhaps partially leading to her fizzling failure.

In early November 2019, she released “never before seen” footage of a pep-talk she gave from the night of Donald Trump’s election. In it, she invokes the image of her “teary” godson who she claims desperately didn’t want Trump to win. She also claimed that she was going to “fight back” against the “bad guys” while likening herself to a superhero. Unfortunately for Harris, you also need ideas to earn votes, and her ideas were largely panned by supporters and critics alike.

Her failure was baked into the cake, it seemed, after several dismal debate performances as well as trying to go rounds with Trump and Trump Jr. on Twitter. But it appeared that no matter where she turned, Harris’s campaign was sinking further and further into the dustbin of history. A scathing resignation letter from a former staffer looked like the final blow to the laughable attempt at the presidency, bringing a close to a campaign that started off strong, then petered out upon inspection.

And unlike President Trump, it’s safe to say a lot of conservatives won’t be missing Kamala Harris.


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