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Kid Rock caught on video dishing out drunken rant against liberal elites

(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

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Staunch conservative and Trump supporter Kid Rock was at his own Honky Tonk bar in Nashville, Tennessee when he decided to indulge what could arguably be considered a few alcoholic beverages too many.

While his views on liberal celebrities have been made abundantly clear over the last several years, an intoxicated Robert James Ritchie decided to take to his own stage to unleash a rant to solidify his stance. At one point, he even references his own genitals.

Watch: (**Language warning**)

While many parts of his speech were slurred, he can clearly be heard saying things like “I don’t like Oprah Winfrey or Joy Behar. They can both suck d**** sideways” and “f*** Kathy Gifford.”

All in all, it probably wasn’t one of his better moments.

It’s not entirely clear from the video exactly what prompted this drunken verbal rampage, though it is stated that the woman taking the video believes Kid Rock to be a racist based on his comments. Judging from another section of his rant, he doesn’t believe it’s racist to say things like “f*** Oprah,” and thinks it’s “weird” that other people do.

It’s also not immediately obvious why he is raging against Kathy Lee Gifford, but he has stated in the past that he doesn’t like Joy Behar of “The View,” even going as far as to call her a “b****” on national television. (“Fox & Friends” likely had to pay a pretty penny to make up for that verbal indiscretion.)


The irony of his speech consisting of not “going for the throat” and being “cordial” was not lost on a lot of people, though it appears the live audience in the studio was more than pleased by his characterization of Behar.

But while liberals will undoubtedly use this to smear the entire conservative movement, they will be forced to conveniently forget about moments like this, when Rock paid off the outstanding balance of 350 Nashville families’ layaway accounts at Walmart.

“Kudos to Kid Rock for making such a gesture in our community,” said manager Tom Meyer. “I think that’s a pretty Nashville proud moment.”

Progressives are also likely calling him a racist while conveniently forgetting that he enthusiastically endorsed Republican John James for U.S. Senate in Michigan. James is a person of color. Or perhaps that doesn’t count because James is a Republican?

Additionally, it’s not worth pretending that Kid Rock has ever had a filter, as he slammed Taylor Swift in August of 2019 for succumbing to the liberal slant of Hollywood. He accused her of just wanting “to be in movies.

Rock is just who he is, and nothing – not even calling him a racist for not liking Oprah – is going to change that.


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