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Jake Tapper jumps the shark when he attempts to shade Trump’s Thanksgiving trip to Afghanistan

(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

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The mainstream media would like you to believe they are unbiased, especially when it comes to reporting on political matters that concern President Trump. They attempt to paint themselves as arbiters of truth in a world of fake news, as spewed by the president on Twitter. Perhaps it is because of this sanctimonious attitude that so many conservatives take such pleasure in pointing out instances of blatant bias and anti-Trump sentiment.

For instance, President Trump executed an impromptu visit to Afghanistan to spend Thanksgiving with our men and women in uniform who couldn’t be home.

While this doesn’t seem like an act of ill-will or some other nefarious plot, CNN’s Jake Tapper decided that – for whatever reason – he needed to put a negative spin on it.

It’s wildly unclear why Tapper felt the need to squeeze that last half in there, but certainly gave conservative Twitter a lot to work with.

But this isn’t the first time that Tapper has been called out for exhibiting massive anti-Trump bias.

As BizPac Review reported in late September, Tapper declared that Trump has Fox News and “an army of trolls” to defend him from impeachment.

“President Trump has something that Nixon did not have,” Tapper declared. “He has Fox News. He has an army of trolls. He has websites that will defend anything he says or does, and that could very well come into play. They are already coming to his defense.”

It’s unfortunate that Tapper couldn’t help but cast the president’s visit overseas in a negative light but at this point, it’s standard fare with the mainstream media. It’s also yet another reason why people don’t trust the reporting at CNN or any other liberal-leaning news outlet.


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