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Friendly fire as Matt Gaetz throws an ‘ok, boomer’ at Kellyanne Conway over marijuana stance

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Republican Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz visited CNN’s “Smerconish” on Saturday to talk about the legalization of marijuana, and the seeming disconnect between the opinions of the American people and the elected officials who refuse to address the issue.

While on the show, host Michael Smerconish played a clip of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway’s comments on the topic when she was on the show back in April.

“For all the folks who talk about the benefits and the legality of marijuana, there are many health professionals and employers increasingly concerned that this is not your grandfather or your father’s marijuana,” she said. “The TCH [sic] components are much stronger. We just can’t say it’s all good for all people at this moment. We’re very concerned about the effect on the brain among young people.”

Gaetz’s response? “Ok, boomer.”


The good-natured jab came as Smerconish asked Gaetz — whom he called the “Trump whisperer” — if the Republican congressman has had any type of conversation with the president on marijuana legalization.

“I have worked to be a positive influence to the president on marijuana reform. To my friend Kellyanne Conway I would say, ‘ok boomer,'” Gaetz said with a hint of a smile on his lips. “I mean, that’s a very ‘boomer’ approach to marijuana for no other reason than it’s actually ‘THC’ not ‘TCH,’ and I think that her reflection shows a real ignorance to the science demonstrating that in states where there are marijuana programs, you see a reduction in Schedule 1 drug recommendations.”

He went on to list other benefits including “a reduction in the types of overdoses that are crippling our country and hollowing out America” and an alternative to “heroin and opioids” as a method of pain relief.

As of this posting, Conway had not responded to Gaetz’s quip, but along similar lines had posted an article on Twitter regarding President Trump’s sit-down with “diverse shareholders” to discuss the use of e-cigarettes among American youth.

From Bloomberg:

“During the extraordinary meeting, proponents and opponents of flavored vaping products openly argued with each other in front of the president and reporters invited to observe. The chief executive officer of Njoy Electronic Cigarettes, Ryan Nivakoff, accused the chief executive officer of market leader Juul Labs Inc., K C Crosthwaite, of deliberately marketing its products to children.”

“After listening to several of the participants, Trump said that he wants to ‘do something for everybody, where everybody’s happy.'”

So as the impeachment inquiry rages on in the halls of the House of Representatives, President Trump is actively working on finding solutions to issues that the average American really cares about.


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