Just the facts, ma’am

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We watch Adam Schiff’s real-time insinuations that Trump’s tweets are witness tampering or intimidation. How does that hold up in the court of public opinion? It doesn’t.

Remember Jack Webb’s famous line? “Just the facts, ma’am.”

We Americans elected Donald John Trump by a landslide, regardless of how the Dems feel about the outcome.

Dems want to use former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s breakdown during her previous deposition against the Republicans, so the grilling of Kavanaugh is remembered. The Dems’ grilling, by the way. Again, the projection is strong here. It is getting harder and harder to forgive the Dems of these misdeeds.

Ever heard the down-home-country phrase: Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat? Another colloquialism we don’t hear much nowadays.

A quick Sunday school lesson, kids: Jehoshaphat was a good ruler of Judah and he became strong and powerful because he remembered his spiritual roots. He was a man of God. But he was forced into a war by a wicked king, Ahab, the father of Jezebel.

We all remember Jezebel. Jezebel was so evil that, to this day a woman cringes if called “a Jezebel.” Jezebel’s ancient feminist sexual cult led many Jews astray. When a new king took the throne, she was killed and fed to the dogs. We Americans like to think ourselves as more civilized today.

God delivered Jehoshaphat from the unpopular war. As king, Jehoshaphat appointed judges to deal fairly with the people. He strengthened the military, struck down the evil invading his country, renewed their spiritual roots, educated the people with teachers who respected and followed God. He brought peace to his country and its neighbors. He obeyed God and his reign was prosperous.

Sound familiar? History does repeat itself. America has a man who like Jehoshaphat obeys God.

Injustices like impeachment inquisitions and loyal men like Roger Stone being prosecuted for lies to a sham investigation, only to be jailed, may work in third world countries. Our government is “by the people, for the people.”  So help us, God.

Tanya Hazelton


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