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Republicans mull strategy to make an impeachment trial as difficult as possible for Dems

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Republicans in no way support the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, but a Democrat-led House of Representatives has forced the group to undergo a dog-and-pony show to appease far-left voters and officials. Some right-leaning lawmakers are so tired of the whole process that they are figuring out how to use it for their own gain.

Unfortunately for Democrats (and specifically the Democratic Senators running for the presidency), the hearings are mandatory and could possibly cut into primary season. This would lead to at least six of the contenders potentially being absent for the Iowa caucuses.

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Discussions to intentionally drag out the Senate hearing to scramble Democratic presidential operations are currently being held by GOP lawmakers and their advisers, who are considering pressuring the leadership to make the process as excruciating as possible for liberals.

“That might be a strategy,” said Sen. Ron Johnson R-Wisconsin with a smile. “But I’ll leave that up to others. I’m just a lowly worker.”

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Tx., suggested that the Senate should be “doing this right,” but considered that the timing of the hearing may give an unintended boost to presidential candidates who are able to stay on the campaign trail during the event.

“Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden might like that,” he added.

Sen. John Thune, the second-ranking Senate Republican, is another who expects the process to be timely, but possibly longer than expected.

“I think the consensus in our conference is at least that we need to proceed and take seriously the responsibility we have,” he stated. “How long that takes is an open question . . . but I suspect that, you know, it’d go on for a while.”

While many Senate Democrats have stated that impeachment is more important than their other political endeavors, it’s clear that a drawn-out hearing would put them in a rough spot. Bernie Sanders, for one, has expressed his desire to get through the process as quickly as possible so that he can get back to the campaign trail.

“We will do our best to get back to Iowa, to get to New Hampshire, to get to all the states that we have to,” Sanders at an event in Iowa when he was asked about the impending trial. “But there’s no question it will make our life a little bit more difficult.”

One top adviser to a Senator running for the presidency spoke on the condition of anonymity but admitted that their campaign is already making the necessary moves to prepare for an impeachment hearing that could take the candidate out for a while.

“We’ve been all but told that January is when we should expect not to have them,” they said. “And that in December is when we should expect to have them.”

Republicans on Twitter were only too happy to hear that there might be some revenge to be had against Democrats who have been relentlessly attacking President Trump since the day he was elected.


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