Warren ‘vilifies successful people.’ JPMorgan CEO and ‘billionaire friends’ will fight back.

Yesterday, BizPac Review reported on Wall Street donors who are wary of a potential Elizabeth Warren presidency, and how their lack of enthusiasm has been hurting Democrats in nationwide Senate races. This concern has led financiers to put pressure on the Democrat Party leadership, as Warren rises in the polls and she becomes a more visible candidate.

While the money-men of Wall Street are apprehensive about the current political climate, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon is not afraid to take the bull by the horns, calling out Warren directly and criticizing a candidacy that he believes “vilifies successful people.”

During an interview with CNBC’s Wilfred Frost, Dimon was asked if he thought it was fair to characterize Warren as “anti-business” or “anti-capitalism.”

“You really have to ask her what she really means,” he responded. “She uses some pretty harsh words, you know, some would say vilifies successful people. I don’t like vilifying anybody. I think we should applaud successful people.”


Naturally, Warren took to Twitter to respond, accusing Dimon of being “so angry!” at the idea of “being asked to chip in more.” She also claims that the only reason “Dimon and his buddies” are successful is because they utilized resources that “we all paid for,” and therefore the general population has some sort of claim to their wealth.

This comes after Omega Advisors CEO Leon Cooperman became emotional while discussing a potential presidential face-off between Warren and President Donald Trump. Despite declaring that the Stock Market would crash “by 25 percent” if Warren were to win in 2020, he said that he simply couldn’t support the current president. While he lauded Trump for his economic gains, Cooperman believes that he shouldn’t run for re-election unless he is willing to “change his dialogue.”

In a strange little two-step, Cooperman also views Trump as a victim, wondering “[w]hy are you putting up with all this abuse?’ All of it’s not unfair, some of it is fair, some of it is unfair.”

One thing is certain, Wall Street is not excited about a potential face-off between Trump and Warren.

Sierra Marlee


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