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Top Dems lose ground or bested by Trump in several polls

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A new Morning Consult-Politico poll is showing 2020 Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden ceding ground in a hypothetical head-to-head match up against President Donald Trump.

Not only has Trump gained three points on Biden, but the Dem has slipped five points, which narrows the gap significantly from the previous 44-33 to 41-36.

(Source: Morning Consult)

Despite being the most “electable candidate” in the saturated field of liberal candidates, Biden is continuing to see a steady decline in support. This could have something to do with his inability to prevent himself from misspeaking, his abysmal debate performances, or his sketchy business in Ukraine.

According to The Hill, Biden has seen support from Independents wane significantly, resulting in a drop from an 11-point lead to a mere one point among the group.

Unfortunately for Democrats, Biden is not the only candidate to see their head-to-head lead over Trump shrink. Bernie Sanders enjoyed a massive 10-point lead over the incumbent President in the previous poll at 42-32. This most recent poll shows him leading by only two points now.

Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg all still trail Trump, Warren by one point, Harris by five, and Buttigieg by six. It would appear that Democrats are slowly losing the ability to win against President Donald Trump come 2020.

A recent Rasmussen poll also has Trump enjoying a sizable lead:

While still other polls have 2020 Congressional elections in a dead heat:

That same poll has President Trump leading the Democratic field, but within the margin of error:

As the 2016 presidential election showed, polls are not the best indicator of who will ultimately be elected. That being said, packed rallies, Democrat desperation, and dismal support among left-wing candidates all appear to show a party in crisis.

Kamala Harris was forced to downsize her campaign, leading to the firing of dozens of staffers and a reallocation of resources to Iowa after poor fundraising resulted in Harris spending more than she earned.

“Campaign manager Juan Rodriguez noted some of the drastic changes that Harris is making just to keep herself afloat. According to a memo sent to Politico, she has fired dozens of staffers in her Baltimore headquarters and has redeployed many others to Iowa, where she is mounting a desperate bid for the swing state. The candidate will also be cutting positions in New Hampshire, Nevada and California, Harris’ home state.”

All of this information certainly bodes well for Republicans (and Trump specifically) heading into the thick of the election cycle.


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