Controversy over ‘oddball’ armed man arrested outside of Trump Dallas rally

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An oddball man adorned in an “InfoWars” t-shirt was taken into custody outside of President Donald Trump’s rally Thursday evening in Dallas and subsequently sent “to a hospital for evaluation” after he reportedly showed up to the event armed with a mishmash of weird stuff, including a legally-owned firearm.

“A crowd of about 100 people was protesting the troop pullout in Syria when a man wearing a helmet, backpack and bulletproof vest walked towards them,” Meredith Yeomans of Dallas station KXAS reported live from the scene late Thursday.

“Dallas police detained the man and found a pistol in his front pocket. Police confiscated a gas mask, knee pads, some sort of aerosol can, mace and a video camera among other items. We were there when the man who was wearing an ‘InfoWars’ t-shirt was taken away in a police cruiser.”

Listen to her full report below:

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He was detained without incident, though authorities determined that “he did have a license to carry that weapon,” according to Yeomans, which raises the question of why he was taken into custody and transported to a hospital for evaluation. What sort of evaluation?

While his identity remained unknown as of Friday morning, two competing theories had emerged regarding who he was and what his intentions had been.

The theory bandied about by conservatives was that he was a left-wing Antifa member. As evidence, theorists cited his gas mask — gas masks, goggles, and shields are frequently used by Antifa as accessories.


Conservatives also pointed to the reported link between Antifa and the terrorist factions of the Kurds in Syria. It just so happens that the protesters whom the man had been approaching were members of the North Texas Kurdish Community.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

The other theory — this one bandied about by liberals — was that the man was clearly a Trump supporter, one who may have been intent on doing harm to the Kurdish protesters.

Their evidence included the man’s “InfoWars” t-shirt. It’s a fact that – politically speaking – the site leans to the right and is pro-Trump.

Liberals also noted that the man hadn’t been caught taking part in the protests against Trump — he’d been detained while walking toward the protest.

Plus, one liberal argued, it’s not common to see members of Antifa wearing body armor and sporting a shaved head:

To be clear, this is all speculation, and unless the man’s identity is revealed by the authorities, there’s no surefire way to determine his political affiliation.

Other than this hiccup, the rally proceeded just fine, with thousands showing up to hear the president speak. Watch the full event below:

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