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Added protections: State Constitutions also protect your right to keep and bear arms


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There are important facts that sprout from our national political discourse that never seem to make it into the “fake news” mainstream media (MSM). On the other hand, involving the so-called national “gun debate”, the MSM loves to float some wacko’s ludicrous assertion that the American Constitution doesn’t protect a person’s fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

Not only does the Constitution protect this right, the Supreme Court subsequently affirmed that 1) the right belongs to individuals for self-defense in the home, and 2) the 2nd Amendment also applies to state and local governments.

And this is where the fake news media fails in its duties to tell you what it doesn’t want you to know. Here’s a question: Have you ever read in the fake news MSM that 44 out of 50 states have adopted state-level 2nd Amendment equivalents? No? I didn’t think so.

It began with Pennsylvania, many years prior to the ratification of the federal Bill of Rights, when the state added to its Constitution the right to bear arms. Within a year, Vermont adopted identical wording into its Constitution. Thus began the states’ common-sense march to adopt this protection also, sealing the rights of their own citizens, mirroring or improving on the U.S. 2nd Amendment.

Enter now the duplicitous left, working hand in hand with its allies in the MSM, to say, “Oh no, America’s Founders never intended anyone but militia members to keep and bear arms!” But that’s a lie. How do we know? Because during every period in American history, nearly all the states have added protections that clearly give to the individual the right to bear arms. For most of those states, this provision was added at the time they became states. The states understood, all along, the intentions of the Founding Fathers.

Throughout America’s history, it has been understood that the 2nd Amendment right applies to individuals. The evidence is the actual constitutional language adopted by the vast majority of states since 1776.

States provided for the individual right to bear arms before and after the writing of the U.S. Constitution, all the way up to 1998. Just six states have declined to add language similar to the 2nd Amendment in their own state constitutions: New York and California of course, also New Jersey, Minnesota, Maryland and Iowa.

John R. Smith


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