Football fan holds sign for beer money…donates the $1M to charity

(Source: Twitter/carsonking2)

While at ESPN’s College Game Day, football fan Carson King held up a sign begging for beer money. At the bottom of the humorous plea was the link to his Venmo account. It was unlikely that he actually expected any donations to come his way, let alone hundreds of thousands of dollars from individual citizens and corporations alike.

“Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished” read his sign, which caught the attention of ESPN cameras, and then the nation.

In a Saturday interview with “Fox & Friends,” King admitted that this mother wasn’t entirely impressed with his little stunt.

“My mom heard the idea and she’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, my son’s going to be on national television asking for beer money’ — you know, proud mom moment,” he recalled sarcastically.

Watch below:

But his request was heard nation-wide, with thousands of people clamoring to throw a few bucks at the guy who needed a case of Busch. So many people donated to his noble cause that King found himself with an excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars. What is a young man to do with that kind of cash?

Donate it to the University of Iowa’s Children’s Hospital, obviously.

Busch heard of his good deed and decided that they also wanted in on this viral campaign.

Even Venmo pledged to match King’s donation.

The money continued to pile up, and a recent tweet placed donations — along with the promised matches — at $972,000. It’s quite reasonable to expect this man is able to donate upwards of a million dollars to this incredibly worthy cause.

Busch Beer has not only agreed to match King’s donations, but has also pledged to send the do-gooder a year of free beer.

But not before they did something a little special.

If someone ever tries to say that America isn’t the best country in the world, remind them that one young man’s sign resulted in life-saving donations being made to a children’s hospital.


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