State Rep. (Dem) gets blasted by birds while reporting on birds

Screengrab CBS Chicago

Given the perspective of many of the right, who are convinced that the Democrat Party is crapping on America, an incident in Chicago may be seen as a bit of poetic justice.

Others are attributing it to just dumb luck.

Democratic state Rep. Jaime Andrade, was being interviewed at a Chicago Transit Authority stop about pigeon droppings being a chronic problem when — you guessed it — a pigeon expressed its thoughts about the meddling politician.

Thoughts that took the form of pigeon droppings, of course.

“I think they just got me,” Rep. Andrade can be heard telling CBS Chicago reporter Lauren Victory.

The reporter shared a clip online of the lawmaker getting bombed on the head at a stop sometimes called “pigeon poop station.”

OH CRAP! Not to be crass but #IL lawmaker talking to me about feces, feathers & filth fell victim to culprit during our #MorningInsiders interview. Ew! @cbschicago  caught it all on camera,” she boasted.

Andrade told the reporter he would have to go get cleaned up and, being a Democrat, exited with some colorful language.

“I’ll just have to go clean up,” he said. “And that’s what happens to my constituents. They get sh*t on all the time.”

Of course, it didn’t occur to the lawmaker who’s doing the crapping in the scenario he spoke of.

Victory showed her sense of humor in reacting to the story going viral:

As for the state representatives ideas to combat the problem, he wants to install a hose line for power washing.

Here’s a sampling of responses from cynical social media users who enjoyed a brief moment of levity:

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