Ivanka plans Alabama trip … and touches off Cat. 5 Twitter storm

Twitter has sounded the alarms after Ivanka Trump announced plans to visit Alabama on Tuesday.

And the comments were nothing short of predictable.

Instead of noting all of the good she plans to do (she’s going to Alabama Robotics Technology Park in Decatur for a workplace development announcement) they instead mocked her for her father’s factually-correct assertion that Alabama was previously in the path of Hurricane Dorian.

“I look forward to visiting Alabama on Tuesday!” Ivanka tweeted, kicking off a predictable firestorm.

Cue a litany of hurricane jokes from people who don’t actually care about the real victims of Dorian:

Such outrage is ironic, given that it is coming from a group of people who were legitimately irked by a “Dorian-themed” dessert.

But Ivanka remains resolute in the face of ugly attacks. In June, “squad” leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez implied that Ivanka was unqualified for her White House position simply because she’s Trump’s daughter.

In February, liberals celebrated sexist art pieces which depicted Ivanka in the very “traditional feminine roles” that they seek to destroy through third-wave feminism.

In November of 2018, following the Tree of Life synagogue massacre, the New York Times published a piece asking if Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are “good for the Jews.”


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