Dem candidate Yang crowd surfs for votes

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is one of the youngest to enter the race at just 44 years old, and as such, has the best chance of connecting to young voters who see more of themselves in him than much older Democrat candidates like Bernie Sanders (78) or Joe Biden (76).

Sometimes this means doing things that your average politician may not — or should not — do, including crowd surfing.

Yes, the popular activity is no longer restricted to concerts and raves thanks to the “#YangGang” leader, who was hoisted above the heads of a crowd at a forum in California for presidential candidates. Asian Americans Rising PAC and the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islanders) Victory Fund hosted the event which was perfect for Yang, the son of Taiwanese immigrants.

The nearly-30 second video shows the youthful entrepreneur being passed around the room on the hands of his supporters who were chanting his name at the same time. He posted the video on his Twitter account on Sunday with the caption “Haven’t crowdsurfed in a while #YangGang.” 

Political Twitter naturally had mixed reactions to the stunt. Some, like conservative Parkland School Safety Advocate Kyle Kashuv, loved the video.

Others called the act “unpresidential” and mocked the Dem as “desperate.”

While Yang may be a hit in the mosh pit — and he was able to make the donation and polling threshold to make it on stage at the next Democratic presidential debate, which will air on September 12 — he is far from the most popular candidate. In fact, the latest poll shows him sitting comfortably around 2 percent support. Perhaps this is because he’s not a gaffe-machine like Joe Biden, or a socialist who promotes using abortion as population control like Bernie Sanders.

Whatever the reason for his lack of name recognition, it is unlikely that his latest crowd-surfing stunt is enough to raise his poll numbers.


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